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PediTree Download
Free Download PediTree

Plant pedigree data analysis made easy. PediTree is a new software package to recursively analyse plant pedigree data which is arranged in a simple-single table database structure.

Peditree will lookup the parents of a variety/cultivar, then the parents of the parents (grandparents)and so on. The result is displayed in a explorer style, collapsible tree or a pedigree drawing (see images below; click to enlarge).

Images can be saved, and the pedigree can also be saved as a regular tab delimited text file that could be imported again (for instance into Excel).

Analyses included in PediTree are:
1. decomposition of complex parental entries e.g. X = (A x B) x (C x D)
2. inbreeding coefficient estimate
3. comparing pedigrees and determining coefficients of co-ancestry
4. reverse pedigree lookup ("which genotypes descended in some form from genotype Y")
5. batch pedigree lookup and determining of database statistics
6. linking of trait data and highlighting of members of the pedigree

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this calculator software.

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