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  • Date: Apr 22, 2012
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    Image Utility
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Free Download Peacock Color Picker 3.1.9

Peacock Color Picker is an advanced color picker which can get any color from any screen. Designed mainly for programs, web designers and graphic designers Peacock Color Picker supports extensive features such as Zoom, Picture Loading, Capture Saving, Pallets, Movie Capture and many others.
It also comes with a new revolutionary fade out feature that hides the main screen automatically to let you capture any area of your desktop without any interference.
Peacock Color Picker also supports the most popular color formats which include: HTML, C++, Delphi, Java, Visual Basic, VB Long, HSL, RGB, HEX, Photoshop and Fireworks.
Fade Out HidingPallet CreationMovie CaptureSupports Multiple FormatsPicture LoadingGradient SelectionZooming Capture.

Peacock Color Picker is a professional color picking tool designed to offer ease-of-use in combination with a lot of powerful and advanced features. (see how it looks on your computer)
This product was developed keeping programmers, web designers and graphic designers in mind.
Basically Peacock Color Picker allows you to choose any color from the 16,581,375 colors available on your computer screen, and thanks to the built-in zooming feature you can pin-point the exact colors that you want.
This means that if you would like to create a logo for your company, using the soft blue color available on the Windows XP tray bar, all you have to do is simply launch Peacock Color Picker and it will give you the exact color number to input in your favorite graphic editing application such as Adobe Photoshop. (This Is The Exact Color)
Apart from that, this product also comes equipped with several advanced features.
Some of these include; a new and revolutionary fade out system that automatically hides the application's main window to give you an unobstructed view, Colorpedia which offers a huge range of named color shades to assist you in selecting the right color that you are after, the ability to load in external pictures for color picking, and the ability to display only WebSafe colors.

Peacock Color Picker supports the following color code values:
* HTML Format Color Values (#0D8DEA)
* Borland Delphi Color Values ($00EA8D0D)
* Java Color Values (0xD0D8AE)
* Microsoft C++ Color Values (0x00EA8D0D)
* Microsoft Visual Basic Color Values (&HEA8D0D&)
* Microsoft Expression Web Color Values (Hex={D,8D,EA})
* Long Format Color Values (15371533)
* HSL Format Color Values (136-214-116)
* CMYK Format Color Value (221-93-0-21)
* RGB Format Color Values (13-141-234)
* HEX Format Color Values (D,8D,EA)
* Adobe Photoshop Color Values (D0D8AE)
* Adobe Fireworks Color Values (#0D8DEA)
* Exports Color To JPG (For use with any built-in color pickers)

* Select any color that you want from the 16,581,375 colors available on your computer screen. (Includes Colorpedia)
* Built-it zooming feature that allows you to accurately pin-point the exact colors that you are after. (Up to a 450% zoom factor)
* Supports 13 color code formats, including the ability to export your color to a JPG File for use with other built-in pickers.
* Equipped with a new and revolutionary fade out system to provide an unobstructed view of your screen.
* Completely free to use, free from any spyware or adware and with all the full features enabled. No hidden costs.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this image utility software.

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