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  • Date: May 14, 2010
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Password Commander Download
Free Download Password Commander 2.9.5

Manage passwords and personal data, generate secure and strong passwords, and iput them to Web pages and programs. A small floating panel allows you to access your passwords from any application with only one mouse click. Create personal accounts for each member of your family or company, back up, export, import and print passwords.

Most password keepers just store and fill in passwords and logins for different web pages. People grew accustomed to these nice form fillers, they more thickly use password saver (because they want to keep passwords safe), password storage, password finder and other password tools.

Password Commander (password manager) fully supports all common browsers, including Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Maxthon, Mozilla, Firefox. It does not just fill in password and login fields - it can automatically fill (autofill) in all required fields for websites and any Windows application. Can you think of a second password manager capable of that? You will love this feature, whether you have only a couple of passwords or couple of hundreds.

Password Keeper

Password security is another important issue where Password Commander, our perfect password organizer, stands out. Password Commander developers opted for the open architecture model, supporting third party encryption plug-ins. So, if you are worried about your password safety, you can install free PC Plug-ins PowerPack that offers forty encryption methods, some of which are being employed by the US Department of Defense. Encryption professionals can even create their own plug-ins, because open SDK is available. Just use strong encryption algorithms ( i.e. Blowfish or IDEA) and even if the crook steals PC or password storage media with Password Commander, it'll take him or her about five hundred years to pick your passwords.

Password Generator

Another area where our password manager is number one is password generation. Password generator bases on 4 password generation methods - random passwords (so-called strong passwords), mnemonic passwords by a dictionary, template-defined passwords and strong passwords based on a word and a key.

Don't be intimidated by Password Commander's power - it's really a rather straightforward and very flexible application for password management. You can alter database structure as you go. You can create new groups for a specific class of logins and passwords (i.e. FTP, websites, mail). Likewise, creating new autofill forms is braid-dead simple. Password Commander allows you to access your passwords from the menu in the system tray and enter passwords using the Floating Panel.

Key features

Password Commander:
* Manages passwords and all your personal data - you have passwords to be saved, don't' you
* AutoFills passwords to login form with one click and click "Login" button for you - spare your time for more pleasant business
* Generates secure and strong passwords - password "honey" is too simple to be picked up
* Encrypts passwords and personal data with Blowfish - no one will gain access
* Is compatible with biometric devices - Password Commander recognizes you by your fingerprint
* Logs you on automaticaly when you log on to your Windows account - our password manager makes your life easier
* Creates personal account for each member of your family - John Smith will not guess Marry Smith's passwords and data
* Keeps your passwords to hand - take Password Commander with you on USB-flash drive for ultimate portability
* Backs up, exports/imports, prints your passwords - takes care of your data
* Defeats Keyloggers via on-screen keyboard - don't let anyone get to know your passwords
* See more details below...

Password Management System
Password Commander is a smart password manager solution
* It stores any passwords, files and notes in one database
* Friendly and easy-to-use interface helps you feel yourself comfortable. Creative skins are supported. Choose one you like
* Tree-like data representation
* Customizable database structure lets specify the type, number and name of fields separately for each group of passwords
* Password Commander supports several field types. Each of them fits for data in a certain format. Type of fields that are supported - login, password, URL, IP-address, command line, e-mail, file (our password manager al-lows you to attach a file), text, additional password
* Multiuser access to the password database. Switch between users quickly
* Create autologin account and you'll not need to type password to log into Password Commander. The AutoLogin account can be loaded automatically when you log on to your Windows account
* Fast search of password or data is accessible via "Ctrl + Alt + Symbol"
* Export (HTML, TXT, CSV) and Print your passwords
* Import passwords from CSV-file
* Backup the password database
* PC can be automatically minimized into the System tray after the specified time period
* Add your frequently used passwords and data to "Bookmarks". "Bookmarks" are accessible from the System tray and from floating panel. You'll find your data, that you need everyday, in a moment
* The clipboard will be cleared automatically (or with a hotkey) after specified time period for the best protection

Autofilling functional
* Password Commander automatically fills in all fields for websites and common programs
* Our password manager supports all common browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape Navigator, Maxthon, Mozilla, Firefox
* There are 4 ways for autofilling that makes your life easier:
1. Hot keys - choose this method (choose your own hot keys) and Password Commander will fill form in a second and will press "Login"-button for you
2. Double click lets you click twice at your password in user interface of Password Com-mander, and then choose "paste" at any field. Password will be inserted from clipboard
3. Drag-and-drop function gives you an opportunity to "drag" password or login and "drop" it exactly to the field
4. Floating panel. This panel is always on your desktop (if you wish to use it). All your passwords and data are accessible via floating panel

Portability & Biometrics
* PC is portable and it works from removable drives, such as USB-flash drive and others. Take your passwords and personal data with you
* Our password manager is compatible with biometric devices, so you even don't need to type your password: PC will recognize you via your fingerprint. Biometrics is one of the perspective and fast upcoming direction of IT industry. Identification of users via fingerprints is realized due to partnership with German company Sodos.

Built-in Generator
Built-in generator can easily generate passwords with 4 main methods:

* Randomized generation
* By dictionary - 3 generation types are available: word + word, word + delimiter + word, "wordmix" technology. You can add an unlimited number of dictionaries (from *.txt file)
* By template - PC supports over 20 types of generation templates. It is possible to create your own templates
* By a word or key

General Properties:
* Specify the percentage of characters (letters, digital, special characters, etc.) and upper/lower case letters in a passwords
* Avoid repeated and similar characters
* Include and/or exclude an unlimited number of any characters in a password
* Generate a password list and save it to a file or copy it to a clipboard
* Generate passwords of random length
* Save generation settings for each categories
* Create your own categories based on already existed

Security & Encryption
* All information is stored only at your computer. No personal data will be send to developer
* Passwords and personal data are strongly encrypted with Blowfish. More information about Blowfish is available here
* Password Commander protects your passwords from keylogger programs via on-screen keyboard. No one keylogger program will "see" what password you type

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $37.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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