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  • Date: Sep 20, 2006
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Do you tired of memorizing a lot of passwords of your all kinds of applications or accounts? We usually forget or make wrong with some passwords that are very important for us. Write down them on a paper or record them in a file on our computer is not a safe way. Is there a handy and safe way to save and manage our passwords? Don't worry about it? Here I will recommend a popular and excellent password management utility to you. That is Password Administrator, which came from Digiquirk, Llc. Following are the detailed introductions of this powerful password manager.

Password Administrator is a powerful and unique password and account manager that enables us to store all our sensitive logins and account information in an encrypted database. We can organize our entries in custom categories, associate web links, email address and additional notes, and copy the password and username to the clipboard to enter it on the login page. Password Administrator uses AES 256-bit Encryption to protect our data. Following are many key features and benefits of this secure password manager, including:

The unique password sub-grouping function of Password Administrator provides an organized structure for multiple password administration. With this function we can organize our accounts in unlimited groups and sub-groups. We can drag and drop groups and accounts for easy transferring.

Password Administrator allows us to customize its interface as we need. We can control exactly how we view our passwords. Account information can be viewed as a spreadsheet, as individual fields, or a combination of both by easily selecting which fields to display. We can click on the image on the left to view a common example of a combined interface.

The expiring passwords window displays a scrolling list of password accounts which have expire dates defined. A Red number indicates the number of days the account is expired. A Green number indicates the number of days before the account expires.

A "smart" search box is built right into the main interface, allowing us to quickly find any account. One of the most-used features of the program, searching is now as easy as opening the program and typing in a keyword.

A history is maintained for changes made to fields in an Account. History is maintained for all database fields except for Notes. When a change is made, the new value and the previous value of the field is recorded, along with the date the change was made and the name of the field to which the change was applied.

Password Administrator can provide automatically generated passwords for our accounts using an "easier to remember" or "harder to remember" method. And the Password Administrator's reporting feature has been redone to allow precise control over which groups, accounts and fields will be printed to a report. In addition, each report is an HTML file which provides a portable document format useful for sending via secure email, archive storage, etc.

Password Administrator employs an incremental backup strategy. Each backup file is identified by date. By default, PA keeps a backup of the database for the past 14 days. (The number of days can be user-defined). Using this strategy, we can revert to a previous database state. Each database created with Password Administrator is encrypted and can only be accessed with a master password. PA 3.x uses AES 256-bit Encryption selected by the the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

Passwords Administrator's re-designed main screen is designed to be easy, functional and fun to use. Novices and power users alike will benefit from this carefully designed interface. The "groups and passwords" colors and fonts can also be modified by the user.

We can use the Log feature to view a history of which databases were accessed, when they were accessed, and if the logon attempt resulted in a successful or unsuccessful entry. Each Password Administrator database supports import/export of data. The export feature provides precise selection of groups, passwords and fields.

In addition, Password Administrator provides a 30-days free trial for us but many functions of it are disabled. It is a standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. Password Administrator does not contain any adware or spyware. It works with most recent variants of Windows and its current version is 3.0. The price of the registration version is only $19.95 and we can get update and upgrade free. Do you have too many passwords to remember? Are pieces of paper that you used to write down your important account information lost? Do you want to find this information quickly? Password Administrator keeps track of all our passwords - no problems, no worries. Why are you still reading? Download the free trial now and experience what powerful and effective it is at once!

Password Administrator is used by organizations and individuals worldwide in over 60 countries. AES 256-Bit Encryption, History/Audit Tracking, Precise Reporting and more make this software indispensable. Advanced features include automatic password generation and a user-customizable interface.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this password manager software.

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