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  • Date: Sep 15, 2010
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Simultaneously run multiple operating systems on your PC. Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux is a fully supported, packaged solution that has been built to meet the demanding needs of developers, tech support teams, power users and corporate desktop computing. By using desktop virtualization, teams can yield an increase in productivity and improve reaction time in meeting the needs of the business with a product that enables widespread adoption.

Built on Parallels' hypervisor-based virtualization technology, Parallels Desktop enables you to:
1. create powerful and easy-to-use virtual machines
2. use Windows and Linux applications side by side with the primary operating system applications

To enhance your experience of running more than one operating system on your physical computer, Parallels Desktop includes several add-on utilities:
1. Parallels Transporter for migrating physical computers and third-party virtual machines to Parallels virtual machines
2. Parallels Image Tool for maintaining the capacity and other properties of your virtual hard disks
3. Parallels Compressor for compressing the data stored on Windows virtual hard disks

Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows & Linux goes beyond desktop virtualization software with a collection of integrated & supported applications that help you get the most out of your environment. The combination of Parallels Desktop 4 for Windows & Linux with the included Parallels tools provides a complete solution for the creation, management and packaging
of virtual machines for your business.
1. Parallels Transporter - Migrate physical computers into a virtual machine or convert existing virtual machines from other vendor formats
2. Parallels Compressor - Keep your virtual machines compact & running up to 50% more efficient by cleaning up the unused space on virtual hard drives
3. Parallels Image Tool - Virtual disk management application allowing you to change the size, type and properties of your virtual disk files to give you the flexibility to grow over time
4. VM Templates - Create any number of virtual machines with the same configuration for wide spread deployment by converting or cloning an existing virtual machine in just a few simple steps
5. Virtual appliances - Take advantage of the Parallels Virtual Appliance Directory of pre-built virtual machines configured with operating systems and applications or configure your own collection to reduce the amount of time to deploy company approved environment

Virtualization Features:
1. Get the best speed and performance from hardware-assisted virtualization on Intel and AMD-based PCs with Parallels' FastLane Architecture.
2. 32 & 64 bit primary and guest OS support
3. Intel VT-x, Intel VT-x2, AMD-V support
4. Intel Virtualization Technology's Extended Page Tables (EPT) & FlexPriority support
5. 8-way SMP, 8GB RAM support per VM
6. Memory over commit allowed
7. Adaptive hypervisor adjusts CPU use based upon focus
8. Hardware ACPI allows graceful restart or shutdown of supporting OSs
9. Dynamic Kernel Module Support for Linux

Virtual Device Support:
1. IDE & SCSI disks
2. Up to 2TB virtual hard disks inside a virtual machine
3. Up to 15 SCSI devices per VM
4. Up to eight USB 1.1 and eight USB2.0 devices supported per VM
5. Sound, floppy drive, CD/DVD, serial & parallel ports supported

Networking Features:
1. 16 vNICs supporting bridged, host only & NAT networking
2. PXE network boot capable
3. Port forwarding

Management Features:
1. Start, stop, pause, suspend & resume virtual machines
2. PowerSaver enhanced power management
3. Multiple snapshots & visual snapshot manager
4. Virtual machine cloning
5. Virtual machine templates
6. Configurable GUI controls
7. Customizable toolbar
8. System tray integration
9. Undo Disk feature reverts VM to a known state
10. Safe Mode startup

Migration tool:
1. Convert physical servers to virtual machines using a wizard based tool
2. Convert 3rd party virtual machines to a Parallels virtual machine
3. Local migration, network migration & FireWire migration supported

Disk Maintenance tools:
1. Image tool allows you to resize virtual disk and change its format
2. Resize partition support to increase virtual hard drive size
3. Compressor tool allows you to shrink virtual disks

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