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ParagraphFormatter is fast and easy tool that can be used to reformat e-books suffering from split over multiple line sentences. ParagraphFormatter merges back 'broken' sentences and forms paragraphs improving book readability.

In many e-readers line of text can be automatically adjusted to the size of the screen using "wrap text" option. This can be particularly important for small screen readers such as Kindle, Sony, Palm or other mobile devices that display only limited number of characters per line. Pre-formatted files with fixed line width do not wrap well leaving sentences appear to be broken and text difficult to read.

ParagraphFormatter overcomes wrapping shortfalls and perform additional tasks such as merges multiple spaces, combines dialogs into blocks and indents paragraphs.

In simple terms ParagraphFormatter scans file one character at the time and looks for end of the line (EOL).

When end of line was found it scans backwards (skipping any spaces) to establish if last character before EOL was one of characters ending the sentence.

If it was program starts new paragraph or if it wasn't program removes EOL and continues with assembling the sentence.

Dialogs are treated similarly but additionally spaces are being detected between two dialogs on the same line. When two dialogs are separated by an empty space line break is inserted to move second dialog into own line. As program differentiate between quoted dialogs and narration dialog lines can be kept together to form a block if required.

Depending on conversion settings paragraphs can be kept together or separated by an empty line, indents can be pre-pended to beginning of paragraphs and consecutive spaces reduced.

The converted files are written to the temporary folder and after program successfully completes formatting they are moved to destination folder.

This processing method even that more complex than regular expression replacement technique was chosen as it proved to be much faster.

For efficiency the text is read and buffered into memory in 2K byte blocks helping to maintain program's low memory usage. Separate tasks are spawned to work on each of the files allowing operating system to allocate task to each of the cores in multi-core processor PC is architecture.

* .NET framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file converter software.

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