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  • Date: Apr 03, 2011
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Panorama Perfect is an application program for creating perfect panoramic photos. This program was designed to stitch multiple photos taken from hand without using a tripod, where other programs fail in creating panoramas of scenery or the results are not acceptable.

1. Enables to create huge panoramic photos - limit is 2GB which is 680M pixels panoramic photos (TIF file type only). Even for such a huge photos 128MB of operating memory is good enough.
2. The dimensions of the panoramic photos are NOT limited to 65000 pixels. The dimension limit is extremely high - over 2 000 000 000 pixels (TIF file type only).
3. The non-horizontal panoramic photos are automatically bended to fix the deformation.
4. The transition area (opacity of the left image for each transition) can be easy edited and the interference effect suppressed.
5. The stitched photos can be independently deformed, moved, and rotated.
6. Mesh warp tool can be used to warp areas of images using mesh points.
7. The animated transparency and compare drawing mode significantly helps when you are editing the transition. During the compare drawing mode, only the transition area is displayed and the program computes total error in transition area. The darker color and lower computed error means better matching.
8. A great improvement can be done using an automatic or manual Brightness correction for transitions and using Dark Edges Correction.
9. The prepared transitions can be edited with professional editing software before stitching the transitions together. The transitions are small enough to edit them without any problem. (The created panoramic photos are usually very huge and they cannot be edited. Most of the professional editing software has a dimension limit 32 000 pixels etc.)
10. The horizontal line can be edited.
11. Cropping of the created panoramic photos.
12. For each panoramic photo a project is automatically created and can be used later to fix created panoramas.
13. The results can be saved as: Tagged image file (TIF), Windows bitmap (BMP), Jpeg (JPG). The BMP and JPG file format cannot be used for extremely huge panoramic photos.

* Image dimensions are limited in the Lite version

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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