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  • Date: Aug 15, 2010
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    Network Monitoring Software
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Monitoring SNMP Devices Using Vendor Supplied MIB Data Files. Paessler's MIB import and conversion tool is used to convert MIB files into OIDLIB files. PRTG will then be able to scan a device for available sensors. (In PRTG, you will add an "SNMP Library" sensor and use the new OIDLIB file.)

With this software you can import MIB (Management Information Base) files and convert them into OID libraries for PRTG. Many network devices and programs come with so-called MIB files that describe the parameters and readings which are available for monitoring via SNMP. With MIB Importer you can import these MIB files (supplied by the vendor of your devices) and convert them into OID libraries for PRTG (Traffic Grapher and Network Monitor) and IPCheck Server Monitor. Then you can easily setup sensors in both programs.

Please note: When importing a MIB file you might notice a message stating that OIDs were found successfully, yet none of them were useful for PRTG. In such cases, the MIB file does not include any counter information that can be used with PRTG. This can be the case if the MIB file only contains SNMP traps, double-index OIDs or similar counters that cannot be processed by PRTG's SNMP sensors. If possible, please try with another MIB file.

MIB files are hardware and operating system independent information files that tell network manangement systems how to retrieve in-depth data using the SNMP protocol from network devices like routers, switches, network printers, disk arrays etc. (even air conditioners) as well as many server software products (database servers etc.). MIB files describe the available readings in tables, values, registers using a special text format (Abstract Syntax Notation One ASN.1).

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this network monitoring software.

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