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PadsHelper Download
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PadsHelper is a software that help you use PADS Logic / PADS Layout / PADS Router (Power Logic / Power PCB / Blaze Router) more comfortable and convenient.

Now, PadsHelper has 4 main features:
1. Renumber parts for schematic files.
2. Drag drawing by right or middle mouse button and use mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
3. Keyboard enhancement. Custom keyboard with separate keys or key combinations instead of PADS Logic / PADS Layout / PADS Router (Power Logic / Power PCB / Blaze Router) menus, toolbars, shortcuts and modeless commands.
4. Attribute Editor.

PADS program itself, only provides the function for PCB, does not provide for schematic. PadsHelper provides similar functionality for schematic.

Attributes of Parts (Components) are often used in material management, the data are often involved in the production. Therefore, we need a sofeware to help us manage the attributes of parts, show the differences betweent two files, edit attributes, or make a report. However the requirements are different for each company, currently the Attribute Editor may not meet you needs 100%. If you have any suggestions or comments please let us know and we will upgrade it or make a special version for you company.

* 20 uses trial

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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