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  • Date: Nov 16, 2013
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PTPdrive Download
Free Download PTPdrive 3.5 Build 258

PTPdrive allows digital cameras operating in PTP mode to be mapped to a local drive letter in the Microsoft Windows. Without the it, only Mass Storage (MSC) mode cameras can have assigned a drive letter. While some digital cameras can be configured to work in either mode, some models, especially newer ones, only support the PTP mode.
The PTPdrive offers drive letter mapping so any application can access the pictures in the PTP camera. The PTPdrive gives you the freedom of choice of a file/picture manager, including command-line/script based. The PTPdrive unleashes the full potential of your digital camera in Windows by using camera/picture metadata in the actual picture file names (no more manual renaming like "DSC_0333.JPG" to "2009-09 Summer Vacation 001.jpg").
The PTPdrive is a sleek replacement for:
* buggy 'Scanner and Camera Wizard' in Windows XP & 2003
* imperfect WIA namespace extension in Windows Explorer
* any bulky software packaged with your digital camera

The PTPdrive supports all digital cameras operating in PTP or PTP/MTP mode, e.g. Nikon D90, Canon Rebel XSi, Logitech ClickSmart, ... With just 1 MB of download size it is worth of a try.

Key features
* Unique drive letter mapping for the PTP mode digital cameras
* Flexible file naming feature allowing dynamically change the names of the pictures based on the camera/picture metadata. This feature may even convince the owners of the dual MSC/PTP digital cameras to use the PTP mode...
* Sophisticated file caching mechanism for fast access to the transferred pictures
* Advanced integration of the PTP mapped cameras into the Windows Explorer via context menus, property pages, and WIA events
* Highly optimized code for speed and size, it needs about one MB of disk space to install, and about dozen MB of memory to run.

'PTPdrive' application
* Lists all free/unused drive letters, indicates which drive is already mapped to a camera.
* Lists all PTP mode digital cameras connected to the computer.
* Allows map/disconnect a drive letter to/from a camera:
* Camera can be mapped to a drive letter only once.
* Trial version allows only one camera to be mapped to a drive letter at once.
* Registered version allows multiple different cameras to be mapped to different drive letters at the same time.
* Offers launching PTPdrive configuration settings dialog.
* Enables ad-hoc overriding of the global picture name format for each drive, applicable to the drive being currently mapped (not changing the global setting).
* Trial version shows the limits and counters.
* Registered version shows the registration details.

'PTPdrive Settings' application
* Allows setting following parameters:
* Language of the PTPdrive product.
* Location and size of the PTPdrive cache, where temporary files with partially transferred pictures are stored.
* Global picture name format with option to change it.
* Collecting diagnostic data.
* Option to re-register the PTPdrive as a handler for Camera Connected event.
* Shows the version of the PTPdrive.
* Offers checking if a newer version of the PTPdrive is available on the Internet.
* Allows entering of a registration key to unlock the trial version.

'Filename Format Builder' application
* Offers intuitive way of building the picture filename format.
* Allows building the filename using picture and camera metadata: Original filename (full or partial name), Counter with configurable number of digits, Date and time when a picture was taken, selectable in various formats, Camera name, Image width, Image length
* Supports drag & drop editing.
* In real-time shows how the final filename would look like.

Drive letter mapping
* PTPdrive maps PTP mode digital camera to a local drive in Windows, allowing any application to access pictures in the camera, including command-line and scripts based.
* Offers Read-Only access to the pictures with option to delete the pictures. No Write access allowed because the PTP protocol does not support it.
* Sets the volume label of the mapped PTP camera to '<camera name>@ PTPdrive', eg. 'D90 @ PTPdrive' for Nikon D90. The trial version of the PTPdrive appends '(TRIAL)' text to the end of the volume label.
* Does not allow changing the volume label, it is Read-Only as well.
* Shows 'PTPDRIVEFS' as the file system name of the PTPdrive mapped drives.
* Offers several ways how to map a camera to a drive letter

Windows Shell integration
* Extends context menu of the mapped drive in Windows Explorer by adding "Disconnect PTP drive" menu item to terminate drive letter mapping
* Extends context menu of the camera in Windows Explorer
* Adds a 'PTPdrive' property page to the mapped drive's property pages in Windows Explorer:
Lists all root WIA (PTP) properties of the camera
Shows trial limits or registration details

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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