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Chose pages for printing from a PostScript document. PSPRINT is a small utility for helping printing PostScript files, especially if you want to print them both-sided. It allows you to select the pages to be printed, and to print them in reverse order. In addition, a Tcl/Tk user interface is provided.

psprint [<In-file>|'-' [<Out-file>]] [Options]

If no argument is provided, PSPRINT reads from standard_input and writes to standard_output. If only one argument is given, it is taken as the input file, and output goes to standard_output. If you need to read standard_input and output to a file, use "-" as the name of the input file.

Without options, PSPRINT will simply copy the input file to the output file, which is not very exciting... So generally, you'll need one or more of the following options:
-f<first-page> Page number of first page to copy (default: 1)
-l<last-page> Page number of last page to copy (default: end of file)
-a<page> Always print this page, irrespectively of other options. This can be useful if you know that some page contains PostScript definitions that are required later in the document.
-o Print odd pages
-e Print even pages.
-r Print pages in reverse order (last page first).
-h Help. Prints a usage summary and quits. (all other options are discarded)
-v Verbose

Options can be grouped in the usual way, as long as only the last one requires an argument, i.e. "-ref 4 -l6" will work.

All page numbers are counted from the start of the file. They do not necessarily correspond to the logical number printed on each page. If no "-o" or "-e" option is given, both odd and even pages will be printed (you can also specify "-oe").

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this printer software.

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