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PGP Desktop is an easy-to-use desktop encryption application that secures individuals' most valuable and confidential information. PGP Desktop Home uses the same trusted, mature PGP encryption technology that has been proven effective by millions of users, security experts, and organizations worldwide to:
1. Automatically encrypt email with the installed desktop email application without pressing any special buttons
2. Protect files in automatically expanding virtual drives or easily shared archives
3. Secure AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) sessions between PGP Desktop users

PGP Desktop is a security product to combine personal firewall, intrusion detection, VPN client, and encryption technologies into a single solution that fully protects computers against intruders and theft/loss of data.

Whether employees work at home or in the office, it provides seamless protection from cyber-hijackers, easy-to-use e-mail and disk encryption, protects integrity of the companies information, controls access to files, and offers a host of other important security features.

* Full Windows XP (including SP1) and Office XP compatibility
* Full server-side support for the Lotus Notes plug-in
* Support for Novell GroupWise 5.5. and 6.0 messaging client
* Significantly expanded Unicode support
* Directory integration with iPlanet Directory Server, Microsoft Active Directory and Novell NDS
* PGP Admin can now preconfigure automatic creation of PGP Disk volumes
* Enhanced Smart Card functionality including support for Aladdin eTokens
* PGP Desktop: A software tool that uses cryptography to protect your data against unauthorized access. Available for Mac OS X and Windows.
* PGP Universal: A tool for enterprises to automatically and transparently secure email messaging for their employees. PGP Universal environments can include client software, called PGP Universal Satellite, which allows users in a domain protected by a PGP Universal Server to secure email messages all the way to the desktop. Version 9.0 and above of PGP Desktop includes the PGP Universal Satellite functionality, thus allowing PGP Desktop users to easily fit into a PGP Universal environment.
* PGP Global Directory: A free, public keyserver hosted by PGP Corporation. The PGP Global Directory provides quick and easy access to the universe of PGP keys. It uses next-generation keyserver technology that verifies the email address on a key (so that the keyserver does not get clogged with unused keys) and lets users manage their own keys. Using the PGP Global Directory significantly enhances your chances of finding the public key of someone with whom you want to send secured messages. PGP Desktop is designed to work closely with the PGP Global Directory.
* PGP Messaging: A feature of PGP Desktop that automatically and transparently supports all of your email clients through policies you control. Also protects many IM clients, such as AIM and iChat (both users must have PGP Messaging enabled).
* PGP Disk: Whole Disk Encryption is a feature of PGP Desktop that protects your entire hard drive or drives, including your boot record, thus protecting all of your files all the time. Virtual Disk volumes are another feature of PGP Desktop that let you use part of your hard drive space as an encrypted virtual disk with its own drive letter. If you like, you can use Whole Disk Encryption and Virtual Disk volumes on the same system.
* PGP Zip: A feature of PGP Desktop that lets you put any combination of files and folders into a single encrypted, compressed package for convenient transport or backup. You can encrypt a PGP Zip archive to a PGP key or to a passphrase, allowing you to send the archive to someone who does not even have PGP Desktop on their system.
* PGP Keys: A feature of PGP Desktop that gives you complete control over both your own PGP keys and the keys of those person with whom you are securely exchanging email messages.
* Shredding: A feature of PGP Desktop that lets you completely destroy sensitive data. PGP Shred overwrites files so that even file recovery software cannot recover them.
* Smart cards and tokens: Smart cards and tokens are portable devices on which you can create your PGP keypair or copy your PGP keypair. Creating your PGP keypair on a smart card or token adds security by requiring the smart card or token in order to encrypt, sign, decrypt, or verify. So even if an unauthorized person gains access to your computer, your encrypted data is secure because your PGP keypair is with you on your smart card or token. Copying your PGP keypair to a smart card or token is a good way to back it up and an easy way to distribute your public key.
* Conventional cryptography: Uses the same passphrase to encrypt and decrypt data. Conventional cryptography is great for data that isn't going anywhere (because it encrypts and decrypts quickly). However, conventional cryptography is not as well suited for situations where you need to send encrypted data to someone else, especially if you want to send encrypted data to someone you have never met.
* Public-key cryptography: Public-key cryptography uses two keys (called a keypair) for encrypting and decrypting. One of these two keys is your private key; and like the name suggests, you need to keep it private. Very, very private. The other key is your public key, and like its name suggests, you can share it with the general public. In fact, you're supposed to share.

Automatically detecting POP and IMAP email accounts, PGP Desktop Home encrypts emails without installing special plug-ins or requiring extra mouse clicks. You can use the default configuration to encrypt emails or customize encryption rules, including rules to encrypt based on recipient, subject header, and message content. All emails can be digitally signed, validating the integrity and source of messages for recipients. Background notification windows indicate whenever a message is encrypted, decrypted, or digitally signed.

Protect Files
Desktop and laptop computers with gigabytes of storage often contain a complete history of banking receipts, tax returns, family information, and other private data. System theft and malware are just some of the ways personal information can be exposed and used by identity thieves. PGP Desktop Home provides users with these options to encrypt files for everyday use, or encrypt and compress for sharing or backup:
1. PGP Virtual Disk-Used just like a removable disk drive, PGP Virtual Disk stores files and folders in a single file, automatically encrypting and decrypting data. PGP Virtual Disk expands automatically as needed so files can be added without additional steps or concerns over the initial volume size configured. When not in use, PGP Virtual Disk can be closed to secure data even when system power is on.
2. PGP Zip-For storing backups or sharing files, PGP Zip stores files and folders in a single, compressed file. If files need to be shared with others that do not have PGP Desktop, users can create a PGP Self-Decrypting Archive (SDA) that automatically executes and decrypts files after successful authentication.

Keep Instant Messages Confidential
Instant messages travel across the Internet and through service providers. PGP Desktop Home allows AIM chats to remain private between PGP Desktop users. Encryption is performed automatically in the background with no change to the users' chat experience or application performance.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $70.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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