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PDFtextCmd Download
Free Download PDFtextCmd 2.0

PDFtextCmd is a PDF Text extraction from command line, can extract text from PDF documents.
To do this you can use two ways:
* As an automated text-export into a generated file.
* As clipboard-content.
For option 1 you can set the output-directory.

PDFtextCmd Features:
1. You can insert/display page numbers in the extracted textcontent!
2. You can prefix row and column to each extracted textstring on each page!
3. You can use a fast mode if you dont need the additional structured informations!
4. You can supress leading spaces on each textline!
5. You can supress more than one spaces between words. Good if you have documents with justification layout ... this means more spaces between words to fill complete textrows!
6. You can set a stop-value(in seconds) when working on bigger files!
7. You can make a sandclock visible to show that the component is working!
8. You can use single page-values if you dont want to extract complete documents!

It can be called via shell commands from nearly any programming language or from a bat-file, too. We're offering a dll-version with PDFtext.dll, too... But if you have problems working with dynamic link libraries (dll) in your application you can embed the PDFtext.exe and it will work nearly everywhere.

You can deliver and distribute this exe as a part of your programming solution without limitation (royalty free). It's forbidden to deliver this exe alone.

You'll find the extracted textcontent optionally in a new textfile (fill out parameter "target") or in the clipboard (to choose clipboard or textfile you have to use parameter "opt").

* The text "Testversion! from www.pdf-analyzer.com!" will be displayed in the extracted text

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $57.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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