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PBX TV Download
Free Download PBX TV 1.77

PBX TV is a multi-feature, multi-platform online video content streaming application built based on the community's suggestions and critics.

PBX TV can deliver high quality full motion live TV signal at very low bitrates. This enables the product to be available on any kind of internet connection ranging from dial-up to ADSL and cable.

PBX TV was especially designed for mobile delivery and works seamlessly on GPRS, EDGE, 3G or HSDPA.
PBX TV Features:
1. PVR functions - the user can record or schedule a recording from a particular channel at a particular date and time and for a particular duration
2. Re-Run - the user can playback content up to 7 days before current time (new and exclusive feature)
3. Timeshifting - the user can pause the live channel and resume it at will - the content will be stored temporarily locally
4. PBX TV Remote - the user can use his mobile phone as a remote control for the desktop application through GPRS or bluetooth
5. Parental Control - the user can set access codes for forbidden channels
6. Multilanguage support
7. EPG - Electronic Program Guide
8. Fully auto-update feature
9. Now on TV feature - the user can view an overall channel screen displaying what's on at that particular time on every channel
10. VOD - video on demand

The future of PBX TV

Our intention is to obtain broadcasting agreements from as many TV stations as possible (including regional ones) from the countries where we deploy our network.

We are constantly trying to add support for more and more platforms. Right now work is underway to port the mobile client application to iPhone, Symbian (S60, UIQ) and newer Nokia S40 phones. Estimated time of completion: September 2009.
We are also close to launching the truly mobile tv service using incar computers connected to the internet via GPRS. A special version of the Windows client has been modified to better respond to user interaction via touch screen. Estimated time of completion: February - March 2009.

We started work to port the client to Windows CE for thin devices (set-top-boxes). This way, the service will be available to everybody - not just PC and mobile phone hardcore users. Estimated time of completion: April - May 2009.
We are also trying to expand our network. Our goal is to provide a world-wide unified TV viewing service for everybody. We are already in the process of deploying publishing points in Germany, Canada, US, Pakistan, Mozambique, Moldova, Australia and so on.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this online tv software.

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