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  • Date: Mar 23, 2010
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Outlook Rules Manager Download
Free Download Outlook Rules Manager 1.9.2

Outlook Rules Manager is an Outlook plug-in that makes sorting your email easy. It is available for all versions of Outlook from 2000 (and includes the latest version 2007).

Outlook Rules Manager is designed to minimise the effort required to organise and manage email.

When first installed, the first thing you are likely to notice is the new toolbar which will be floating in front of Outlook. This can be treated as a normal Outlook toolbar (which is what it is) and docked with the main toolbar as you like. Next time you start Outlook, it will be reappear where it was last placed.

You will also notice the new Rules Manager menu (which should be situated between Tools and Actions on the standard Outlook menu). Both the toolbar and the menu are used to access the majority of Rules Manager's functions.

Please note that this documentation is currently being compiled. If you have any questions about features not currently covered, then please use the support forums and your question will be answered as soon as possible

Feature Overview
1. Windows Vista and Windows 7 support in v1.8.3 and above. This version is currently only available for Outlook 2003 and 2007.
2. Import rules from Outlook.
3. Toolbar and menu integration to make creating rules easy.
4. Several ways to create new rules, meaning a rule can be created in as little as one click.
5. Automatic folder search - if a folder is moved, Rules Manager will locate the folder (so long as the name is the same!).
6. Go to Folder function. If you have tens or hundreds of nested folders, it isn't always easy to find the one you want. Just type the name of the folder you are looking for, and Rules Manager will take you straight to it - wherever it is.
7. Folder find feature. If you can't remember the name of a folder, just type a few letters. The Find Folder window will find all matching folders for you, and show you exactly where they are.
8. Supports Outlook profiles. If you have more than one profile set-up, you can have a different set of rules for each profile.
9. Supports Bayesian antispam measures. Bayesian filtering is one of the most effective antispam methods. Also supports an email address blacklist, to block specific senders or entire domains.
10. Autoreply rules. Reply to emails automatically based on templates. You can set up different rules and templates for different purposes.
11. Sophisticated import/export function allowing you to keep your rules up-to-date on more than one machine. Conflicts are detected and you can choose to ignore, replace, or combine the conflicting rules.
12. Archiving function. Unlike the Outlook archive function, this one is reliable. It will split the archive into separate pst files either by year or month. Simply give the archive a name, specify a location, and the archive happens in the background (you can continue using Outlook as normal).
13. One licence purchase allows you to use Rules Manager on up to two machines. Ideal if you want to keep your work and home computers organised with the same ruleset.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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