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Order Maven is a free order form creation program for online merchants. Produce standalone Windows EXE programs that customers can download and run from your site. With a few button clicks, products are selected, payment information is automatically secured with the built-in public key encryption function, and the data is then emailed directly back to you for processing.

Order Maven Features:
1. Create small (160K), standalone 32-bit Windows (95 through XP) executables
2. Build forms visually with drag and drop interface using 9 standard components
3. Simple scripting language allows interaction with the end-user
4. Built-in public key encryption automatically encrypts customer data
5. 56/512, 80/768, 128/1024, and 160/1536 bit symmetric/public key encryption strength
6. Built-in SMTP support e-mails form data directly back to merchant
7. Royalty-free distribution
8. Developer license also available

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this ecommerce software.

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