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OpenChords Download
Free Download OpenChords 2.4

OpenChords is a guitar chord database manager. It allows the user to present songs with guitar chords to a computer screen, so printing pages and pages of guitar chords is a thing of the past. Its opensource, easy to use, clean, and has a clutter-free interface.

1. Song List
This is the list of songs which are stored as xml files in the ..\Data\Songs folder. At the moment you'll be making use of this folder whenever you wish to delete a song from the database. If you double click (or press enter) while any song is selected it adds that song to the currently selected set.

2. Song Filter
There are 2 ways that you can use this field. 1) you can filter out the song names by just typing in the names. 2) you can click the search button (or press enter) to search within the lyrics of the songs for matching terms.

3. Set Name
This is just the name for a list of songs. If you want to add more lists you will find them in the ..\Data\Sets folder. You can also remove sets by simply deleting its file in the set folder

4. Songs in the Set
This is just a list of songs that you wish to present. If you want to move a song up or down in the list, use the "-" (minus) and "+" (plus) buttons on your keyboard. To delete a song select it and press the "Delete" button on your keyboard. Finally when you ready to present your set click on the present button.

5. Song Information
Title: this is just the name of your song. Order: This is the order in which you would like the pieces of the song to appear

6. Chords and Lyrics
In order to display the chords and lyrics and sections properly we use a simple syntax
* A letter with or without a number in square brackets like [C] tells us that there is a new piece of the song
* A dot (".") tells us that that line is a line with chords
* A space (or in fact any other character but rather use a space) tells us that that line is for lyrics

7. Notes
These notes are to remind yourself how to perform the song while the song is being presented full screen

8. Song Key
Here you enter in the Key for the song. If you wish to transpose the song (increase or decrease the key) press the plus and minus buttons next to the key field. The plus button will increase the key of the song by a semi tone and the minus button will decrease the key by a semi tone.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this music composer software.

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