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Onis is a DICOM viewer / server, compatible with all modalities and all manufacturers. View and analyze DICOM files fast and easy.
It is the first medical application that can be adapted to your needs and workflow. It offers a unique set of advanced features, a powerful and dynamic annotations system, double oblique MPR, MIP Volume rendering, an on-demand viewer capable of displaying images directly from a remote server, as well as allowing remote access to all your images, annotations and reports, etc.
This free version is aimed at non-professional users and radiology students. It is compatible with all modalities and all manufacturers. This version supports only a single monitor configuration and additional plugins cannot be loaded. Also, the database is limited to 15 patients.
Onis Features:
1. Read and display all DICOM files from any modalities
2. Multi-frame images support
3. On demand" capability (can open DICOM files directly from a DICOM server, CD or a folder without downloading them into the local database first)
4. Support DICOM network services (C-FIND SCU, C-GET SCU, C-MOVE SCU, C-STORE SCP/SCU)
5. Double oblique MPR (Multi Planar Reconstruction)
6. MIP 3D Volume rendering (Maximum Intensity Projection)
7. Scout image/localizer support
8. Advanced measurement tools (distance, angle, line, polyline, rectangle, polygon, oval, pen, arrow, text, ratio, orthogonal, parallel, etc...)
9. Annotations can interact with the others
10. Annotation focus
11. Annotation export to Excel
12. Synchronize series
13. Cine mode (forward, backward, swing)
14. Image filtering (linear and bicubic interpolation)
15. Custom Window Level
16. Export images in DICOM, JPEG or BMP format
17. Read and write DICOM CD (DVD on vista) - DICOMDIR support
18. Can define per-modality display layouts
19. Full support for Japanese characters
20. Creation of DICOM CD-ROMs
21. Multi-threaded (multi-processors and multi-core optimization)
22. Optimization for speed or low memory consumption selectable

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this calculator software.

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