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  • Date: Nov 05, 2017
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Free Download One Man Band 10.3.1

One Man Band is a combination of a virtual music-keyboard with automatic-accompaniment, a sequencer that utilises styles and a style editor. It utilises standard style files that are compatible with the styles that are used in Yamaha PSR, DGX and Tyros arranger keyboards. It is able to play the thousands of Yamaha styles that are available on internet and it can create styles that can be played on a Yamaha keyboard. The sound quality produced with One Man Band depends largely on the quality of the synthesizers that are used.

Arranger with real time chord recognition, style editor and sequencer. Real time chord recognition. Converts any PC- or MIDI-keyboard into an arranger keyboard. Includes the most comprehensive style editor. With the included style sequencer it offers an user-friendly alternative for XG-Works, BIAB and Jammer.

What hardware do you need?
First of all you need a Windows PC and although you can use the PC keyboard for both chord and melody playing (in window PC Keyboard 1), a MIDI keyboard controller will be more convenient. And of course a MIDI cable to connect the two.

All kinds of MIDI keyboard controllers are used. From small "desktop" keyboards to full size digital piano's.

OneManBand is a virtual arranger keyboard and style editor. It allows you to use software synthesizers in both melody and accompaniment! Use any MIDI keyboard controller in your auto accompaniment setup!
Converts any synthesizer or digital piano into an arranger keyboard.

Browse and load styles directly from your PCs hard drive!
Create a MIDI file quickly by dragging and dropping chords and style parts!
Turn MIDI files into (Yamaha compatible) styles and mix existings styles! Add the hardware that you already have in your PC to your arranger setup instead of paying big bucks for an arranger keyboard with a hard drive, enough internal memory and a large display!

OneManBand Features:
1. Windows 98/2000/NT/Me/XG/Vista/Windows7
2. Plays all Yamaha styles (live and sequenced)
3. Automatic XG to GM conversion (in GM mode)
4. Reads and writes MIDI files, including XF chords.
5. Plays and creates Karaoke files
6. Hosts DXi and VSTi soft synths with support for ASIO drivers.
7. Supports Cakewalk .INS files for browsing instrumentbanks
8. Synchronises with other arrangers and sequencers thru MIDI clocks, both as master (sending clocks) and as slave (receiving clocks)

Playing Live
1. Store all the presets to play a particular song (style, tempo, multivoice, etc.) and reactivate them with a single key stroke.
2. Accompaniment continues to play while a new style is loaded (switch without a glitch).
3. Full fingered chord recognition for 34 chord types.
4. Single finger chord recognition for major, minor and 7th chords.
5. Chord recognition for slash chords e.g C/E.
6. Free Form chord recognition allows for any keycombination, independant from existing chords.
7. Control the tempo with a modulation wheel or volume pedal.
8. Full keyboard chord recognition with chord fixation pedal.
9. Play bass runs in the chord section.
10. Play chords with a set of MIDI pedals, a MIDI guitar or a MIDI accordion.
11. Supports vocal harmonizers.
12. 2 automatic harmonies for melody voices (close harmony and wide harmony).
13. Up to 4 instruments can be mixed for melody voices.
14. Enter commands for variation, tempo and volume changes, loading styles etc. using a MIDI keyboard controller.
15. On-screen display of the special functions of the MIDI keyboard controller. Including browsing thru style directories.
16. Switches for style variations (fill in A etc.) can be assigned to any key, slider, knob, button, wheel or pedal that sends MIDI signals or to PC-keyboard keys.
17. Record your real time performance in a MIDI file.

1. Create accompaniment sequences (chords and directives) with the "drag and drop operated" arranger window.
2. Import melody and chords from MIDI files.
3. Add melody in real time or "drag and drop" notes on staff
4. Record chord sequences from your keyboard in the song window
5. Comprehensive sequencer for standard MIDI files
6. Detailed editing in eventslist and pianoroll
7. Add time dependend lyrics in real time to a MIDI file and create a karaoke file

Style creating
1. Edit all the style parameters
2. A style programming language to make modifications to styles in batch.
3. A mixer window with sliders for rapid style tweaking
4. Record style tracks
5. Record live (e.g. wahwah) effects with the mixer window in styles and songs
6. Convert MIDI files to styles.
7. Export and import style tracks to produce "morphed" styles
8. Export and import style parts to produce "medley" styles containing variations of different styles
9. A drumset conversion tool
10. Apply random velocity to introduce more variety in styles
11. Detailed editing on style tracks in eventslist and pianoroll

* Save feature is disabled
* 60-second play and record limit

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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