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  • Version: 1.0 (Excel 2007)
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  • Date: Jul 17, 2010
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    Microsoft Office Add-Ins
OFXLMacros Download
Free Download OFXLMacros 1.0 (Excel 2007)

Everything you need to work with Excel. MakraOFXL is a set of tools (macros) and functions which expand the standard Excel's functionality. If you work with Excel daily you can speed up your tasks - especially those ones which are being done repeatedly. This add-in can improve performing the office jobs and analysis and it is valuable both for finance analysts and marketing or logistics specialists.

The add-in OFXLMacros contains 26 new macros and 27 new spreadsheets functions - all of them designed to work fast and without too much fuss - the main purpose is work efficiency. Now, only with a few mouse-button's clicks you mark the duplicates, prepare all sheets' index, remove redundant characters from cells with numbers and much more - just try it now.

The add-in is being distributed in two versions: for Excel 2003 and Excel 2007. In the 2007 version the macros are available through the new mechanism - ribbons, so the access to the macros is as easy as to other Excel's 2007 features.

Actually there is no difference in functionality between those two versions. The only difference is in the way menu is organized. In version for Excel 2003 there is classic menu bar with drop down list and in version for Excel 2007 Microsoft applied a new way of menu organization - ribbons. In order the add-in menu in Excel 2007 was consistent with the rest of Excel's menu we prepared a special version of our add-in.

Do I really need the add-in OFXLMacros?
If you hesitate whether you should install the add-in OFXLMacros try to answer the questions:
1. Are you annoyed with performing the same operations in Excel over and over again?
2. Do you have to work with reports prepared by non-professional people, where the data you would like to filter are marked with different colour?
3. Do you want to have the real impact on how the tools you are using will look like in the future?

If you ansered yes" at least once it means that the add-in OFXLMacros is for you. Remember that the version of the add-in is absolutelty free of charge both for private and commercial use. It doesn't cost you anything and after your job is done you can remove the add-in from your disk without any problems.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this microsoft office add-ins software.

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