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  • Date: Mar 24, 2010
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O&O PartitionManager is designed in a way very similar to the Windows Disk Manager. It includes, however, a number of advanced functions such as an option for changing the size of a partition or moving it to another location. The integration of our multiple award winning O&O SafeErase for deleting the data you no longer need, truly makes this product the only one of its kind.

Increase security by partitioning your hard disk. A hard disk, split into partitions, can often make a big difference in successfully recovering data or restoring individual partitions when system error or complete system failure occurs. O&O PartitionManager 2 enables you to split your hard disk into partitions, change their size, move them to another location, and much more.

1. Create, delete, extend, and shrink partitions
2. Supports all disks types, also MBR, dynamical, and GPT disks
3. NEW: Convert logical and primary partitions
4. Secure deletion of sensitive files (O&O SafeErase)
5. Optimized to shrink drives (O&O Defrag)
6. Enhanced usability
7. Start CD based on Windows, including system rescue tools
8. Supports the Windows file systems FAT, FAT32 and NFTS
9. Detailed display of disk and volume properties
10. Display of S.M.A.R.T. data of disks with information on surface errors

Supports all disk types
Our basic prerequisite during the development of O&O PartitonManager into a professional disk manager was the importance we placed on ensuring comprehensive disk support. In addition to MBR disks, the program is able to identify and support dynamic and GPT disks, USB Sticks, and memory cards. All of these can be used for creating and converting various types of disks. An example of this would be your creating dynamic disks out of basic disks and then further converting them into dynamic or "spanned" volumes with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The program can also be started under Windows PE
Thanks to the Start CD - the only one of its kind in the world - running its very own mini-operating system based on Windows PE, you'll be able to use O&O Partition Manager without having to rely on your own
Windows operating system. The Windows driver contained in Windows PE is a guarantee that you will always have access to your hardware. There'll also be no problem if an important driver is missing because O&O DriverLoader will be able to load it for you. Having Windows PE as its foundation gives O&O PartitionManager unlimited possibilities to help you make changes in your hard disk configurations.

Change system partitions with the Start CD
The usual disk manager programs provide only limited possibilities for changing system partitions. They normally require restarting the computer and then working in native mode, which denies you the chance to get directly involved because the processes must be run without user interaction. The Start CD from O&O PartitionManager, on the other hand, is based on Windows PE. As a result of this, you'll be able to extend, shrink or move system partitions - depending of their data volume and file system - and you can do it very conveniently and easily.

Change the size of a partition
The size of a partition can be changed according to its size and amount of data allocation. You could, for example, divide a large partition into several smaller ones by first shrinking it down to the smallest size and then allocating the freed space among a number of small partitions. You can create a large partition by first buffering the smaller partitions, then, after extending the original partition into a larger one, you can restore the buffered data.

Delete data securely
When you delete data, you make it "invisible" to the system. Your data remains, however, present on your hard disk. Great caution is required when you're looking to pass along or sell your computer because data spies will be able to easily reconstruct your private and professional data by using commercially available data recovery software like O&O DiskRecovery. If you want to be sure that your data is really permanently deleted, use the integrated delete function from O&O SafeErase. Not even specialized data recovery software will be able to restore any of this data. In the same way, entire drives or free disk space can also be easily deleted.

Made in Germany.Made in Berlin
All O&O products are developed and administered in Berlin. O&O PartitionManager was originally only available as a component in our versatile O&O BlueCon 7. As a result of overwhelming demand, we have now decided to market the product individually and hope our O&O PartitionManager will make it easier for you at work on a home PC or on the job. We take your concerns as a customer very seriously because we know just how important your data is for you. And we have been doing this for over ten years!

Product Features:
1. Creates, deletes, enlarges, and shrinks partitions
2. Worldwide unique support on all volume types from Windows
3. Includes leading technologies of O&O Defrag and O&O SafeErase
4. Boot CD for starting directly from a CD without prior installation

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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