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  • Version: 1.2.3
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  • Date: May 02, 2011
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Noia 4 Download
Free Download Noia 4 1.2.3

Noia 4 is a cool Firefox theme, personalize the looks of your browser. Noia 4 is a successor of the popular Noia2 eXtreme theme.
You can choose between gray/black/blue Aero/Firefox3/WinXP and AeroGlass skins and turn on/off many tweaks and fixes for other extensions to work properly.
Noia 4 Features:
1. Gray/black/blue AeroGlass themes (gray is default [themes off])
2. Gray/black/blue AeroBasic/WinXP themes
3. Gray/black/blue Firefox 3 themes (like org. Noia)
4. Black/blue custom tab themes for TabMixPlus/ColorfulTabs
5. Gray AeroGlass/AeroBasic/WinXP light toolbar
6. Firefox 3 / WinXP themes gray/blue no lines (called "Cleaner" in org. Noia)
7. AeroGlass skins
8. Round tabs (like org. Noia)
9. Alternative bookmark-folder [purple folder] (like org. Noia)
10. Alternative tab-close-button (like org. Noia)
11. Always see tab-close icon (there should be at least two tabs open)
12. Round dropdown menu (called "new Office XP" in org. Noia)
13. Glassy dropdown menu gray&black (glass/dark glass in org. Noia)
14. Small (24x24) toolbar buttons (called "reverse" in org. Noia)
15. CuteButtons menu-align fix
16. AIOS fix (like org. Noia)
17. Firefox appbutton icon with/without text option (thx to Stratiform extension)
18. Orange Firefox appbutton (like default FF4)
19. Higher bookmark toolbar option
20. Disable active blue tab/menuitem
21. toolbar font colors (not on black themes)

* Firefox

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this browser plug-ins software.

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