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NewsMan Pro is a multi-threaded newsreader that supports all Usenet text and binary newsgroups. The program handles multiple servers using server priorities or discrete "private" news servers. It uses "virtual groups" for newsgroup subscriptions allowing you to browse related newsgroups simultaneously. An expiration-based queue ensures that requested articles are retrieved in a timely fashion. Supports automation and scheduling, NZB import and export and data storage.

* Clean, easy to use interface
Top-rated interface with full support for text AND binary newsgroups. Designed not only to be good-looking, but also to make browsing and downloading from Usenet easy and enjoyable. Comes with eight different Themes and is also designed to work well with third-party skinning programs like StyleXP and Windowblinds.
* Full support for text and binary newsgroups
If you've used Agent or Dialog, you'll feel right at home with Newsman Pro. Read text newsgroups effortlessly and store articles as long as you want in the database for fast search and retrieval. Newsman also fully supports binary newsgroups and decodes Mime, UUE and yEnc encoded messages in a separate background thread to minimize CPU usage. The yEnc decoder used by Newsman is directly from and is extremely fast and well optimized. B-News articles are recognized by Newsman and attached *.bn files are saved ready to decode with your favorite Bommanews decoder. Incomplete articles are also fully supported and it is easy to see messages that have received new segments that can be downloaded and added to already retrieved segments.
* Multiple Server Support
True multi-server support gives you the ability to download headers from your best, most complete news server and download articles from any servers that you have access to. Servers can be prioritized so that article bodies are downloaded from your least expensive server first (for example). In addition, if you exclude a server from the priority list, Newsman treats it like a "private server" where headers and articles are processed only through that server. Prioritized servers can be "pooled" into each server priority level and Newsman Pro will treat all of the pooled servers as one large server. Supports encrypted SSL connections to news servers that provide SSL access.
* Full support for NZB files
NZB files ( ) save you time by allowing you to download binaries without retrieving headers. Newsman Pro gives you full support for NZB files by allowing you to import multiple files at once within the program. NZB messages are placed into a separate virtual group. You can also associate NZB files with Newsman Pro and Newsman will import them when you open the files in Windows? Explorer. Newsman Pro can also monitor a directory of your choosing in order to automatically import and process incoming NZB files. Lastly, Newsman supports exporting of headers to an NZB file so you can create your own files to share with others.
* Robust multi-threaded architecture
Downloading, header processing, attachment processing, Automation, Scheduled Tasks and Trash purge processing all run in their own threads. Newsman can perform many tasks simultaneously allowing you to do several things at once. Headers can be downloaded from multiple newsgroups at the same time, using all your available connections to your servers. Newsman Pro supports up to 99 connections per server.
* Unique expiration-based download Queue
Our expiration-based Queue helps you to avoid missing articles that are close to expiring. You can also use 9 priority levels to order the tasks in any way desired. Each segment of a multi-part binary is downloaded and stored separately, so you can stop the Queue and when you restart, Newsman continues right from where you left off. You'll never have to download the same parts over again.
* Support for server usage limits
If you use a server that limits how much you can download, you'll love Newsman's ability to track how much you've downloaded and its ability to to stop downloading when you've reached your limit and automatically restart at the beginning of the next period. Newsman supports server limits by the day, week, or month as well as block accounts.
* Automatic binary attachment handling
As binary attachments are downloaded, Newsman will automatically decode and save them to the folders you designate. You can specify folders by file type, group or specify the destination folder when you add the articles to the Queue. In addition, you can always change the destination folder at any time while the jobs are in the Queue. Newsman supports decoding of MIME, UUE and Yenc encoded files AND handles verification/repair of file sets if the set includes a Par2 index file. Newsman Pro will also automatically download any required Par2 recovery volumes as needed. Rar file sets can also be automatically extracted to make binary processing easy.
* Automation Rules
With its sophisticated Automation Rules, Newsman can automatically process articles that match your selected criteria whenever new headers are retrieved. Rules can be defined by subject and/or author using Google-styled word combinations, or you can use Perl 5 regular expressions to define your rules. In addition, Rules can be based on Date, Age, Size, Lines and File Type. Articles can automatically be scored, marked read, deleted, downloaded and more using this powerful feature.
* Built-in Scheduler
Automatically get new headers while you are sleeping or working. Newsman can automate many different tasks including: starting and stopping the Queue, getting new headers, purging the Trash, adjusting the bandwidth limiter, deleting headers using user-defined filters, and more.
* Virtual newsgroups and Message Grouping
Newsgroup subscriptions are grouped into virtual newsgroups called Workgroups. For example, you can subscribe to all of your favorite MP3 newsgroups as one Workgroup named "MP3's" and browse all of the headers at once. This makes it easy to quickly find what you are looking for and to keep up with many high-volume newsgroups at once. You can combine newsgroups from multiple servers as well. In addition, articles that are related can be shown grouped into a single line to reduce the amount of scrolling needed to browse through thousands of new posts.
* Powerful Filtering
With Newsman's user-defined and Quick filters, you can easily find or hide articles that match your criteria. Filter by subject, author, size, lines, age, date, score, binary type and more. You can use Google-style word combinations, literal search strings as well as Perl 5 regular expressions.
* Fast, stable database storage
Newsman supports Advantage Database Server, MySQL and Microsoft? SQL Server. Never lose your header or queue caches again!
* Free technical support and upgrades
We answer every email we receive, usually in less than a day. In addition, we invite all users to join our discussion forums to get answers to questions quickly and easily. All upgrades are free to registered users.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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