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Network Eagle Monitor Pro is powerful network monitoring software. It can continuously monitor the state of your servers, various network services, databases and more over the network 24 hours a day. If a monitored object changes, Network Eagle Monitor is able to send various notifications or perform some actions.
With the help of this network monitoring software, you can easily administrate large networks with a lot of servers and hundreds of users. Intelligent notifications by e-mail, pager, or SMS let your System Administrator Team fix the problem immediately. You can write your own check scripts using JS and VBS or any other script provider like ActivePerl or Active Python. Using this network monitoring software in a corporate network will increase stability of network services and result in considerable money savings.
Network Eagle Monitor will be helpful not only for organizations with large networks. Ordinary users can also find this software useful in their everyday activity. One can easily monitor up/down state of their favorite internet sites and services. Imagine this situation: you have to download a file from the specified site as quickly as possible, but this host is down. Don't waste your precious time monitoring this site again and again. Let this network monitoring software do it for you.
Try the latest version of Network Eagle Monitor today for 30 days of a free trial and discover for yourself its powerful, yet user-friendly features!

You can create a categorized list of monitoring checks on a "set and forget" the basis. Network Eagle Monitor runs monitoring checks at regular intervals and activates the predefined alerts on a given condition. Network Eagle Monitor can ping server, monitor TCP port, check HTTP URL (with HTTP auth), test FTP link, check disk space usage, execute external command and check it's return code, check databases via ODBC, monitor MS SQL server via native interface, monitor local and network printer status, like out of paper and out of toner and etc.
Write your own check scripts using JS and VBS or any other script provider like ActivePerl or Active Python installed on your system.
Network Eagle performs checks at regular intervals and activates predefined alerts on a given condition. It can be a sound alert, an e-mail notification (icq, pager or mobile via mail gate), execution of an external program or a user-written Java or VB script. There is a set of ready-made scripts for file existence check, file or folder size check, NT service state check and alert actions such as: reboot remote machine, restart NT service, write to NT event log and cleanup event log file.
Also you can set dependencies between monitoring checks, so that they could be automatically disabled/enabled by Network Eagle Monitor depending on the results of other checks.
The software can periodically export data to XML and HTML files, and tabulate uptime/failure check statistics. A variety of useful wizards are available.
The main features of Network Eagle Monitor are the following:
1. Ping check.
2. TCP port check.
3. FTP resource monitoring (existence of an FTP folder or a file).
4. HTTP link existence (availability) monitoring.
5. Disk Space monitoring.
6. External Command Exit Code check.
7. Database monitoring (ODBC or MS SQL server direct).
8. Custom script execution (JS, VBS, ActivePerl etc).
9. Process monitoring.
10. Event Log monitoring.
11. NT Service monitoring.
12. Most useful alarms can be configured beforehand and stored in special repository.
13. Advanced logging of all check/alarm events (including automatic log rotation support).
14. Separation of checks into groups and flexible groups support.
15. Support of automatic start/stop checking depending on the result of other checks.
16. Notification about events occured by a tray-icon blinking or a popup-window on a local PC.

The following alarms are supported:
1. Execute shell command.
2. Play specified sound.
3. Send mail.
4. Log event to Unix syslog daemon.
5. Custom script execution alert (JS, VBS, ActivePerl etc).
6. Write to Windows Event Log.
7. Restart Computer.
8. Change NT Service Status.

Tracking of various check statistics.
1. Export check data to XML and HTML formats.
2. Ability to run as the Windows NT service.
3. Next wizards are available:
4. Add New Check Wizard.
5. Change Properties Wizard.
6. Add New Alerts Wizard.
7. Delete Alerts Wizard.

Ping Check
Ping is a basic way to find out whether the computer and the network between the computer and the Network Eagle Monitor machine work. It sends the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo packet to a computer and waits for the echo reply packet. Ping waits for a reply till the time for each packet sent is over.
TCP/IP Port Check
This check makes a basic connection to another computer over TCP/IP. By connecting to the specified network service (Mail, HTTP, FTP, Telnet servers and so on) over TCP you can find out whether this service is available.
FTP Server Monitoring
File Transfer Protocol Server Check tries to establish connection with the specified FTP server and to determine whether the specified FTP path on the FTP server is valid by using the FTP protocol. The path can be either to a folder or to a file on the FTP server.
HTTP Server Monitoring
HTTP Location Check tries to establish connection to the specified HTTP server and to determine whether the specified HTTP path on the HTTP server is valid by using HTTP protocol. The path can be either to a folder or to a file on the HTTP server.
Disk Space Monitoring
This feature provides variously conditioned monitoring of a drive or the network share disk space and notifies the user in case of failure condition if any. For example, you can be notified if the space on the critical share disk in your network is less than 100 Mb.
External Command Exit Code Check
This feature can run and monitor the output code of an external command or a batch script. You can easy develop your own basic plugins to be used with this check or re-use any console utility which can report the status using the output code.
Database Monitoring
This feature provides the database monitoring. It supports database connections via ODBC and direct connections to the MS SQL server. This feature can test only the ability to connect to the selected database as well as it can execute a custom SQL query and check the results.
Custom Script Check
This feature can execute the user defined script (normally VB Script, Java Script), where the user can define his/her own script code to perform some checks or operations. It is for the user to decide what situation is bad and what situation is good. You should specify the startup function. This function will be called first at every startup check and then you will get the results of the check. If the function returns false, null, undefined, etc. the check is considered as a failure, in other case it is considered as a success.
Process Monitoring
This feature provides the process monitoring both on local and remote PCs in a local area network (LAN). It tests how the process works using the process name or/and its id.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $249.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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