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  • Date: Feb 01, 2011
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Netviewer Support Download
Free Download Netviewer Support 6.2.0 Build 1730

Netviewer Support enables two people to work together interactively by sharing their screens and even granting remote-control rights to each other. This saves considerable amounts of time, and therefore money, when providing internal or external support. Its features also make Netviewer Support ideally suited to selling your software or other products and services.

Two roles always participate in a Netviewer session:
1. the consultant who organizes, opens, and directs the Netviewer session
2. a participant who enters a session that has already started

Neither the consultant nor participant require any installation or configuration. To start a Netviewer session, each side needs only an Internet connection and the Netviewer program, which is available immediately without installation:
1. The consultant uses the Netviewer Support Consultant program that he or she has licensed from Netviewer.
2. The participant uses a nonlicensed participant program that he can obtain from the consultant's web site or other source.

When you start a Netviewer session as a consultant, you initially show your own screen. You are in the so-called Show mode. A participant sees on his own screen a depiction of your complete desktop. He is in Watch mode.
To reverse roles during an ongoing session, simply change the direction of viewing.
If your session partner grants you remote control rights, you will have the ability to execute mouse and keyboard commands on his computer, whereby the other person always has the power to decide which applications you may see and control remotely.
As the consultant, you also have access to a variety of administrative tools for session planning and user administration.
During a Netviewer session, both session partners benefit from functions in the Netviewer Control panel, such as video and audio transmissions, file transfer, etc.

The main function of Netviewer is to transfer a user's screen to another computer, known as desktop sharing.

Netviewer Support is a handy tool for remote maintenance, desktop sharing and remote support. Netviewer Support is a useful application for remote maintenance, desktop sharing and remote support. With Netviewer Support, you will need only a few seconds to establish a secure Internet-based connection to a remote computer anywhere in the world.

When a customer calls, your support people can literally take a glance at the problem and quickly resolve it - without extensive descriptions or misunderstandings. This saves time, increases customer loyalty, and frees up resources.

The support session itself works very easily: Installation of the program is not required; instead, the user starts it directly from the Internet. Firewalls are not an obstacle and Netviewer's intuitive operation ensures that even technically challenged customers will have no problem with Netviewer Support.

Netviewer Support Features:
1. Control a computer remotely as if you were sitting in front of it
2. Important system parameters from the remote computer available at the push of a button
3. Very high security, without installation, straight through firewalls
4. Remote computers always participate for free.
5. Firewalls are not an obstacle and Netviewers intuitive operation ensures that even technically challenged customers will have no problem using the program.

If desired, you can automatically retrieve your customer's most important system parameters or record the sessions in a non-revisable format. The three-tier security concept ensures confidentiality of sensitive information.

Please Note: This download is free for private users, the Business Edition of Netviewer Support need EUR29.90 per month.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this remote access software.

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