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NetlistViewer Download
Free Download NetlistViewer 0.1

View netlists files with this software. NetlistViewer is a tool capable of loading netlists in text format (currently only SPICE netlists) and convert them in a schematic (i.e. graphical) form. The conversion is done automatically or partially-automatically (i.e. the user is given the possibility to move & rotate the devices). The graphical representation of a textual netlist is very useful to analyze and understand how the circuit works; once you've obtained it using NetlistViewer you can save/export it (currently you can only save it to a custom format 'NVS' which can be read by NetlistViewer; in future export toward simulators like gEDA will be implemented).

The program is designed to be extensible and allows to test many different place&route algorithms; it's also designed to be cross-platform and runs on both Windows, Linux and Mac.

The audience of NetlistViewer are students or generic users of EDA tools which need to visualize the SPICE models provided by a vendor for op-amps, amplifiers, comparators, etc etc.

Just a few preliminary notes:
1. ctrl + mouse wheel can be used to zoom in/out
2. right-click while dragging a device rotates that device

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file converter software.

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