NetWrix Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker

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  • Date: Jan 27, 2011
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Free Download NetWrix Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker 1.1.94

Reports inactive virtual machines to prevent virtual machine sprawl. Server virtualization provides a lot of advantages, including cost savings, ease of management, and green computing. But one of the main benefits is also a major drawback. The ability to easily create a lot of virtual machines quickly leads to an undesired effect called "virtual machine sprawl": users tend to create temporary virtual machines and then forget to stop and delete them when they are no longer needed. Data center administrators are usually left with a large number of virtual machines without any knowledge of their purpose and no justification to decommission them when physical servers run out of critical resources. Inactive virtual machines also consume power and require extra disk storage.

NetWrix Virtual Machine Sprawl Tracker is a FREEWARE tool to track virtual machine usage statistics and automatically report on inactive and unused virtual machines to justify their deactivation and reclaim precious physical resources. The tool helps data center administrators to deal with virtual machine sprawl by sending daily reports that point to the least frequently used virtual machines with helpful explanations (e.g., "almost no network usage during last 2 weeks," "paused for last 2 months," etc). The administrators can then contact virtual machine users and, after confirmation, remove such virtual machines.

1. Reduces data center power bills.
2. Allows administrators to make informed decisions about VM decommissioning.
3. Supports "Go Green" initiatives.

1. Automatically tracks all virtual machines in the enterprise.
2. Tracks low resource usage (network and disk) and VM inactivity time.
3. Scheduled operation: sends daily usage reports by email.
4. Supports VMware Virtual Center 3.x, ESX Server 3.x, and ESXi Server 3.x.

* Maximum number of processed virtual machines: 100

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this server utility software.

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