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Namo eBookEditor is a quick and easy start to digital publishing, enable you to create and edit ebooks.
You can create ebooks for the iPad, iPhone and Android phones and tablets. It allows you to edit and insert tables and content similar to a word processor.

Namo eBookEditor Features:
1. New Project Wizard
A step-by-step wizard which allows even beginners to create ebooks easily.

2. Content File Management
Use the Content Files panel to view and manage all of the content files which make up your ebook.

3. Easy Table Creation
Namo eBookEditor provides a variety of easy commands for inserting tables, splitting/merging cells, altering table properties, etc.

4. Import Documents from Other Programs
Import existing documents from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and add them to your ebook as content files.

5. Easy Code Editing
Edit the HTML source code of your ebooks more effectively and reduce errors with code coloring, line numbering, automatic indentation and other features.

6. Cover Editor
Edit your ebook covers easily using templates in the Cover Editor.

7. Other Useful Features
Namo eBookEditor also offers features such as paragraph auto-alignment, EPUB validity checks and spell checking.

The following is the general set of steps which must be performed to create an ebook in Namo eBookEditor.
1. Create a Project To create an ebook, you must first create a project which will contain and organize all the elements of your ebook, including the content files, cover and related information.
2. Add Content Files Content files are HTML files which contain the actual content of your book. You can create content files in eBookEditor or add pre-existing files, including text files and Microsoft Word files.
3. Edit and Apply Formatting to Content Files You can use eBookEditor's editing environment to edit your content files and change elements such as font, margins, spacing, etc.
4. Create a Cover Use the Cover Editor to select a cover image. You can add text to your own images or select one of the template covers.
5. Publish the eBook When the content of your book is finished, you can set its properties such as subject, description, etc. and create an EPUB ebook file.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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