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  • Date: Sep 17, 2010
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NaN, or Never Again N@tscape, is a newsreader program. It reads news from news (also known as NNTP) servers. NaN was designed to be a very useful and intuitive program. But any new program has a learning curve, and it is best not to assume the user will just 'know' what we mean. The look and feel is similar to Mozilla Mail or Microsoft Outlook Express, so it should be an easy switch over if you have ever used either of these programs.

NaN is a very simple program and should not be difficult to learn. When you first start the program, it will ask you for your settings, both personal and server.

Your personal settings are easy enough. Just enter your name, your email address, and if you choose, a short text message to sign all your messages with. This signature will be automatically appended to every message you write.

The server settings look complex, but you probably only need to worry about the first one. The news server hostname. You will need to obtain this information from whoever you get your internet service from.

When you have entered your server settings, NaN will try to connect to your news server. If something goes wrong, a message will be displayed. Otherwise, you should be good to go. Just go to the preferences menu, select Newsgroups, and find the Newsgroups you want to read.

When you have your subscribed newsgroups, just select one from the list by clicking it with the mouse. The messages will appear on the right side on the Message Tree. It should be very easy if you have ever used another news reader or an email program.

* Java

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this newsreader software.

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