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  • Date: Sep 04, 2010
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NJPlot Download
Free Download NJPlot 2.3

Create phylogenetic trees with this tool. NJplot is a tree drawing program able to draw any phylogenetic tree expressed in the Newick phylogenetic tree format (e.g., the format used by the PHYLIP package). NJplot is especially convenient for rooting the unrooted trees obtained from parsimony, distance or maximum likelihood tree-building methods.

Use of NJPlot
Any rooting of the unrooted tree can be interactively specified using the mouse. NJplot also allows zooming, branch swapping, display of bootstrap scores and printing in the PDF format. NJplot can therefore be used as a graphical extension of any package of phylogenetic programs which employs the standard tree format for storing trees (i.e., with most such packages).

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this graphing software.

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