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  • Date: Oct 24, 2010
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MyTables Download
Free Download MyTables 1.5.0

MyTables is applied for collecting, accounting, printing and data exchange of different structures between the remote offices. The program can be perfectly applied in all spheres of human activity. Applying the program allows you to catalogue any of your information and systematize its collection, exchange and storage. If necessary, you can operate individually or collectively. Thus one program can turn into a software complex, consisting of the several linked programs.

The task of MyTables autoring is to create a program that provides a strong cataloging of the incoming data, data storage, user-friendly interface and fast-access retrieval. And this program has been successfully created.

MyTables Features:
1. Variable layout structures (amount and column types).
2. Unlimited number of layouts.
3. Unlimited number of columns in a layout.
4. Unlimited number of reports and documents.
5. Unlimited number of the linked tables.
6. Unlimited number of directories.
7. Unlimited number of the remote offices.
8. Directories: flat and tree.
9. Report creation in a visual report designer.
10. Form and printout the report without an application of the third-party software.
11. Form and printout one document or variety of documents simultaneously.
12. Two interfaces: for the user (short) and for the system administrator (enhanced).
13. Variable interface
* Selected color of the linked tables
* Rows paint of the directories
* Rows paint of the basic tables
* Concealment of the non-applied rows
14. Data integrity is provided by the Microsoft Access connections at all levels.
15. Aggregate value is at the bottom of the table for any numeric column.
16. Aggregate functions of value calculation for the numeric columns.
17. Data sorting by any column.
18. Selection filters by any column.
19. Filter during a month for the fields of the DATE type.
20. Formation of the changes replication: in structure and in data.
21. Replication sending (with an application of the ZIP compression) via
* Copying on disk
* Copying on the FTP server
* Sending directly from the program by e-mail
22. Fixing the date and time of sending and replication receipt.
23. Compression of the Microsoft Access database from the program.
24. Application of the system tray, minimizing the program to the system tray.
25. Start some program instances simultaneously on one PC

* Filling of tables - maximum 50 rows

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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