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In daily life and work, we often see some screen capture videos in different field, such as business, education, science, game, medium and so on. The custom videos are used widely all over the world. For example, the game developers can popularize their games; the teachers can make their teaching easy to understand; the software designer can present their product. Do you want to create screen capture videos yourself about your life or work? My Screen Recorder which is designed by DeskShare is an ideal solution for you. With FontTwister we can create impressive text effects for web pages, illustration, multimedia projects and presentations and so on. I am a teacher who teach computer. I usually make courseware with screen capture videos, so my students can use it self-culture. I have used the program for a long time and I can make sure that it will be a useful assistant of you at once.

With My Screen Recorder we can Create Website and Software Demos by capturing our PC desktop activity. My Screen Recorder captures our PC desktop activity into standard AVI video files. It records anything we see on the computer screen, including the entire desktop, windows, menus, cursors-even video with sound. Seeing is believing! Demonstrate a product, create a presentation with our own audio narration, make a tutorial, or walk through a web site review. Record a part of the screen or the entire desktop with My Screen Recorder. The program creates high-quality, small-size files. My Screen Recorder organizes our recordings using user-controlled Folder Shortcuts for easy management. The ability to play back a recording of what happened on the screen helps us to communicate clearly and quickly. My Screen Recorder is vital to anyone who needs to demonstrate, share, teach, or explain.

For additional features, we can try professional version, My Screen Recorder Pro. Among other advantages, it can create Flash and Windows Media screen recordings, or self-playing executable files to distribute on CD or DVD . See the comparison chart for a complete feature list.

With My Screen Recorder we can: Record our desktop activities as compressed AVI files. Use a microphone to narrate our screen recordings. Record the entire desktop or a portion of the screen. Automatically detects and selects the best audio line for recording from our PC speakers. Create demos of anything displayed on our screen. Use the built-in preview to quickly review the recorded videos. Produce small size AVI files with high-quality video. Organize our screen recordings in easily accessible folder shortcuts. Record our desktop screen activity to AVI, Flash or Windows Media (WMV) format. Record the entire desktop, a desktop region or a specified window. Schedule screen recordings to automatically start at a specified time. Use the Screen draw feature to make diagrams or highlight important items.

Auto Task feature allows us to convert and publish in the background. Create time-lapse screen recordings. Make WMV recordings that are ideal for playing from a streaming server. Join, split or cut screen recordings. Create an HTML page with embedded screen recordings. Fine-tune frame rate, audio quality, compressors and more. Span screen recordings over multiple monitors when more than one monitors are connected to our PC. Make tutorials by joining multiple screen recordings into play list chapters. Generate and distribute self-contained and self-playable executables and so on.

My Screen Recorder enables you to record desktop activity to a standard AVI file. The capture can include audio (using your microphone) as well as cursors, menus and anything else you see on your screen. You can capture the entire desktop, or just a selected region. My Screen Recorder can be used to demonstrate and annotate features of a product or software, or for technical instructions. The recordings can be organized in folders for easy reference.

My Screen Recorder also helps you organize your recordings into Personal Folders for easy management. The program is easy to use, you can select from a framed area capture or full desktop recording.
You can adjust the video quality settings to reduce file size, use custom cursors and more.

My Screen Recorder Features:
1. Record desktop activities in compressed AVI files.
2. Use a connected microphone to record audio for your desktop recording.
3. Use the built-in preview to quickly review the recorded videos.
4. Easily organize and view your recorded files.
5. Create Demos of anything displayed on your screen that you need to communicate.
6. All recordings are saved in standard AVI format.
7. Produce small size AVI files with high-quality video.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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