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  • Date: Nov 08, 2010
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My Diet Wiz Download
Free Download My Diet Wiz 2.4.2

Weight and Nutrition Manager. Besides being a calorie counter, this software is also useful for keeping track of your nutrient intake levels. My Diet Wiz is software for your computer designed to make it easy for you to lose weight, and keep it off! It takes the mystery out of weight control.

It is a great tool for getting educated about how many calories are in different foods and what it actually takes to lose weight. You will be amazed how many calories are in some of your favorite foods.

My Diet Wiz Features:
1. Easy to use, set your own Weight Goal, and Target Date
2. Set your own Daily Nutrient Targets
3. A large database of 20,000+ Foods and 52 Nutrient definitions
4. A large database of 500+ Activities and Exercises
5. Plan your meals in advance
6. Keep track of Body Measurements such as Body Fat, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, as well as Chest, Waist and Hip size
7. Keep track of Medical Test results such as Cholesterol and Blood Glucose
8. Easily add your own Foods or Recipes
9. Easily add your own Exercises
10. Keep notes in the Diary
11. Do Charts or Reports on your weight, calories or nutrient intake

How to install and use
1. Download the MyDietWiz setup file to your computer.
2. Click and run the downloaded setup file as administrator or a user with administrator privileges, if running Windows 2000 or XP. On Vista or Windows 7 run setup as administrator or if installing as standard user supply administrator password when asked for.
3. The program will install.
4. Run the installed MyDietWiz program.
5. When you run the program for the first time click on "Start as New User" to register as the first user.
6. Also use the "Start as New User" button to register any additional users.
7. After filling out the New User screen information the Diet Target screen will open.
8. Set your targets in the Diet Target screen.
9. You are now ready to use MyDietWiz.

My Diet Wiz is a great tool for getting educated about how many calories and nutrients are in different foods and how much you need to eat to lose weight. You will be amazed how many calories are in some of your favorite foods.

With My Diet Wiz's large food database it is easy to find out which foods fill you more per given calories and are more effective in your dieting strategy.
My Diet Wiz keeps track of your Daily Food Intake and Body Weight , My Diet Wiz then calculates your Metabolic Rate and determines Daily Calorie Intake Targets based on your desired Weight Goal.

My Diet Wiz is also useful for managing your Nutrient Intake Levels, with Graphs and Tables available for food intake history as well as for My Diet Wiz food lists.

Typical Usage of My Diet Wiz:
1. Start as a New User.
2. Set your Target Weight (to loose, maintain or gain), and set your Target Date.
3. Record your Weight at least once a week. Every day or every second day is preferable.
4. Record your intake of food in the Diary Food Log. As with weight entry it is preferable to make entries every day or every second day. For accuracy of calculations it is also best to log all food eaten for a given day or make no entries at all.
5. Use My Diet Wiz's Target Calories recommendation to plan your daily food consumption to meet the Target Calories.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $24.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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