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  • Date: Apr 27, 2010
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MultiMouse Download
Free Download MultiMouse 1.0.39

MultiMouse allows multiple users to drag the mouse cursor out of their computer's desktop and onto the desktop of a central computer. The central computer shows all mouse pointers together with a name tag.

All users can point and click with their own mouse devices and collaborate on a common document or application. Users can also enter text remotely from their own computer keyboards. This allows multiple users to edit a common document without needing to leave their place.

The user's mouse cursor positions and remote text input is transmitted by MultiMouse using any standard Wireless or Ether network connection from the user computers to the central PC.

Multiple cursors features
1. Up to 50 users can remote control their mouse cursor on a common desktop.
2. Each user remote cursor has a name tag that can be customized in color and size.
3. The name tag can contain the user name, computer name, any Windows environment variable or any custom text.
4. Users can take control of the common desktop with a mouse click and enter text with their own keyboard.
5. The local monitor is automatically dimmed when the remote mouse cursor is active.
6. The administrator can restrict users to point-only without mouse-clicks or disable remote keyboard input.
7. All remote cursors can be enabled/disabled with a single key press by the administrator.
8. The MultiMouse network communication is configured automatically. No need to bother with cryptic IP addresses or port numbers. However, all ports, the IP address and proxy servers can be configured if required.
9. The Receiver program includes an automatic software update function that can also update all connected sender programs via the local network.
10. There is no extra hardware required.

1. Vivid collaboration - Users participate directly instead of just pointing with the finger.
2. Intuitive - Participating does not take more than dragging the mouse cursor.
3. Easy to use - MultiMouse is set up in a minute and configures automatically.
4. Comfortable - All users can participate without moving from their seat.
5. Efficient - MultiMouse operates economically and requires very little CPU power.
6. Inexpensive - MultiMouse is software-only. No extra hardware is required.

Application examples
1. In a meeting- or classroom scenario, multiple users can brainstorm collectively on a common document or spreadsheet which is displayed by a projector connected to the central PC. Instead of pointing with their finger on any item of interest, meeting participants can work directly on a diagram or document with the input devices of their own computers.
2. Multiple operators in a control room can manage a central computer remotely from their workplace.
3. A team of programmers can simultaneously work on a common code without the hassle of moving keyboards and mouse devices back and forth.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $139.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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