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MultiMacro loves to perform repetitive tasks that you hate doing. Don't waste time by performing repetitive tasks yourself, let MultiMacro take care of it for you! MultiMacro is much more than just a keyboard macro tool, it can play back mouse movement & clicks, fill in web forms, launch programs, paste frequently used text and much more. MultiMacro's explorer style interface is powerful, easy to use and friendly too. The macro wizard will have you creating macros in no time, and advanced features like scripting are available for maximum control.

We have all been faced with repetitive tasks before, whether you are filling in web forms over and over again, replying to emails with boilerplate replies day after day, or launching frequently used programs, documents and web pages. It's an irritation, not to mention a waste of your valuable time.

MultiMacro is a multi-purpose macro tool that can save you from the burden having to perform repetitive tasks yourself. MultiMacro can perform a variety of different tasks, it can fill in web forms or dialog boxes, launch multiple programs (documents or web pages), paste frequently used text (for example standard email replies), record and playback keystrokes or mouse movement & clicks and much more, the benefits are endless. Or use the Quick Macro to recording and playback mouse and keystrokes with minimal fuss.

MultiMacro has a clean and easy to use interface so you will be able to jump right in with minimal hassle. The customizable toolbar allows you to put the commands you most frequently use just a click away. A preview bar offers quick previewing and editing of macros. A macro wizard will help you get started straight away - creating macros is both quick and simple. Once you have created several macros, you will want to keep them organized. This can be done by creating sub-folders, then drag and drop macros in-between folders. MultiMacro's help is context sensitive HTML help, so just click on the HELP button in any of the dialog boxes what you want more information about.

For power-users, an established scripting language (VBScript) permits maximum control in creating advanced macros.


There's no need to remember a host of cryptic hot key combinations to access each macro, you only need to remember just one - the QuickList hot key.

Macros are activated through an innovative QuickList. The QuickList avoids clutter by showing you macros that are relevant to the program you are currently working in.

Jump to the macro that you want to start by typing in the alias for the macro. The QuickList supports alias auto-complete so key presses are kept to a minimum.

With the QuickList, you have the advantage of assigning meaningful names to macros, instead of cryptic key presses. You also avoid hogging all hot keys that other programs may use.

Macro Types
1. Paste Macro: pastes text or images into applications you are currently working in, use the built in text editor to format the text. Or have the macro paste the contents of a text file instead.
2. Keystrokes Macro: simulates keystrokes as if you were typing at the keyboard. Regular text and non-text key presses such as the arrow and function keys can all be simulated. The keystrokes editor allows you to edit and record the keystrokes at any time.
3. Launch Macro: launches a list of programs, folders, documents or Internet resources such as a web pages.
4. Recorder Macro: records keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks. The recorded events can be played back in real time, or you can adjust the playback speed.
5. Scripts: provide maximum control over the execution of the macro using an already well establish scripting language; VBScript. This is a powerful macro that can be used to control other programs including Windows Operating System itself.

As well as using MultiMacro's easy to use interface to create macros, MultiMacro also caters for the power-user.

For the power-user, MultiMacro supports scripting. Using VBScript your macro reaches beyond MultiMacro's user interface, for example you can control not only MultiMacro but other programs too (that support automation) such as Microsoft Office applications, Internet Explorer and the desktop itself.

You can also interact or start MultiMacro using a plain text script file, similar to how you would use a batch (.bat) file.

MultiMacro provides a host of services though its own object model, it includes support for the mouse, keyboard and window management. Or you can use the object model of another program.

What is VBScript?
VBScript is a scripting language that's easy to use and popular. This means the chances are that you may be already familiar with it, if not it's easy to learn. And, once you learn VBScript, you are on your way to programming with the whole family of Visual Basic languages.

Benefits of Using MultiMacro:
MultiMacro performs repetitive tasks, so you don't have to. Take a look below at just some of the benefits and time saving tasks it can do for you.

If you find yourself typing the same text over and over again, perhaps replying to emails with a standard reply then this is a job for the paste text macro.

Do you already use another program, perhaps ClipCache, to paste frequently typed text by pressing a cryptic and meaningless hot key for each macro? If you do, then MultiMacro can help you, there's no need to remember meaningless hot keys for each macro.

If you find yourself pasting the same image over and over again, perhaps as a signature in a document, then this is a job for the paste image macro.

When you want to paste standard replies to emails, do you only want listed those macros that are setup for your email program? MultiMacro can do this for you, with any type of macro.

The keystrokes macro can fill in web forms, dialog boxes and much more. It can simulate virtually any key on the keyboard, as if you were right there, typing.

Perhaps you find yourself launching several programs for a particular project. The launcher macro can be used to launch multiple programs, documents and web pages. Or have your favourite programs (documents and web pages) started at the push of a button.

Use the recorder macro to create demonstrations with real-time mouse and keyboard playback.
Assign macros to specific windows so you only see the macros when you need to use them.
Use the Quick Macro to quickly and instantly record and playback keystrokes and mouse movements with minimal hassle.
Interact with windows; hide, move or resize windows. For example you could create a macro that hides or shows a group of windows.
Interact and control other programs or let other programs interact with MultiMacro.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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