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Multi-Project-Planner addresses the problem of planning and scheduling multiple concurrent projects competing for shared and scarce resources.

To this end Multi Project Planner's main planning board is build like the 'Job Shop Scheduler' used in the manufacturing business.

In a Job Shop a job (an item) runs through a set of operations such as cutting, sanding, drilling etc, where each operation is conducted on a machine capable of performing the operation.

In order to schedule the jobs, the Job Shop Scheduler contains a master schedule, where each row represents a machine, on which the operations are booked according to available space in time and capabilities of the machine.

Likewise Multi Project Planner contains a master plan, where each row represents a work team, offering a set of competencies and upon which the activities of the projects are booked according to available space in time and competencies required by the activities.

A home building project consists of the following activities
1. Creating the foundation. (Needs four concrete craftsman in five days).
2. Building walls, in this case bricklaying. (Needs four bricklayers in teen days.)
3. Roofing. (Needs three carpenters in five days.)

The company will have at most two construction projects in the pipeline at any one time.

To this end the company needs the following work teams:
1. A concrete team staffed with four concrete workers.
2. Two bricklayer teams each staffed with four bricklayers.
3. A carpenter team staffed with three carpenters.

and the following resources:
1. Four concrete craftsmen. (One foreman and three craftsmen.)
2. Eight bricklayers. (Two foremen, four bricklayers and two bricklayer assistants)
3. Three carpenters. (One foreman and two carpenters.)

The activity schedule is the combined schedule for all the work teams for a given period.

On the activity schedule the activities belonging to the projects, are booked according the resources demanded by the activities and the resources supplied by the work teams and available space.

The license of this software is Commercial,

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