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  • Date: Aug 02, 2010
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MoreFunctionsForAddressBook is a thunderbird extension that enhances the application's address book functionality. MoreFunctionsForAddressBook allows you to preview the contacts entire information card in Thunderbirds window.

This extension for Thunderbird adds to the addressbook the following features:
1. makes available from the addressbook all the records of the contacts (ex. address, country);
2. adds to the context menu some items to copy quickly the addressbook data
3. lets you to edit a contact as new, from the context menu;
4. gives the possibility to import and export a single contact or a list;
5. gives the possibility to import and export in vCard and vcf format;
6. adds an extra tab with the birthday date, the spouse name (from 0.3 version), the last modified date and the category (from the 0.3.5 version);
7. possibility to modify the labels of the 4 custom fields of the contact card (from 0.3.1 version) and associate them with vcard fields (from version);
8. possibility to import/export the addressbooks in the native format (file mab);
9. possibility to recover a corrupted addressbook or deleted contacts (from 0.3.7 version);
10. possibility to copy the card data from the contacts panel, with the context menu (from 0.3.7 version);
11. possibility to have a fixed width for columns, with a horizontal scrollbar. Note: with this option enabled, the vertical scrollbar could not work properly and you could be forced to use the mouse wheel or keyboard (from 0.4 version);
12. possibility to edit some properties in multiple contacts with just one action (from the context menu or clicking ctrl-0);
13. possibility to search contacts also with "Category, Notes, BirthYear" fields (from 0.4.1 version);
14. possibility to associate a photo to contact (from 0.5 version - EXPERIMENTAL);
15. option to have phone numbers like "callto" links (from 0.5 version);

MoreFunctionsForAddressBook adds an item copy function to thunderbirds context menu and also allows you to edit a contact as new. The extension allows you to import and export contacts as vCards or list and adds an extra tab that can contain the contacts birthday and his spuses name.
MoreFunctionsForAddressBook also adds the possibility to associate a photo to a contact and the option to input phone numbers as "callto" links.

* Mozilla Thunderbird

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this browser plug-ins software.

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