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  • Date: Feb 04, 2014
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Monitor Plus is a tool for management of brightness, contrast and colour (temperature) of the primary monitor.

Everywhere keys:
1. Ctrl-Alt + J,K,L: Values: Brightness, Contrast, Color (Temperature).
2. Ctrl-Alt + Q: Close the application
3. Ctrl-Alt + W: Show application form
4. Ctrl-Alt + E: Application is active
5. Ctrl-Alt + R: Select mode from menu

In Window Shortkey: On - Off
1. A: Windows startup
2. S: OnStart (shown)
3. P: Percent (in +-)
4. B: Mode brightness
5. T: Set temperature
6. I: Show with items
7. V: Current: values
8. M: Ctrl-Alt_ modes
9. H: Common hot keys
10. D: Digits hot keys
11. Q: Quick mode keys
12. Alt-_: Set as mode key
13. Space: Show modes menu

The elements usually failing before everything are illumination lamps. Therefore the correct monitor treatment means their sparing behaviour.

There are two factors influencing their lifetime: the general brightness and its changing. If the general brightness is that the user wants... so the changing, as sharply it occurs is for what can answer monitor itself

Therefore in some new models almost all changes of brightness occur smoothed but at times it does not occur: at direct shutdown by the button, or in case of management of the monitor through the interface command from the computer

To escape of possible sharp transitions the full version of the program contains elements of their stepping for brightness and contrast... And also it defines active to change monitor from window position.

Notice how your monitor operates to don't strain heavily lamps... Save this file to don't show it again on program startup.

Please Note: program doesn't ask for monitor capabilities, just because this function can return wrong data. Mostly "Wrong" means it cannot.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this desktop utility software.

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