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MollyCule Download
Free Download MollyCule 1.0

MollyCule is a chemistry visualisation program. MollyCule is an advanced application designed to help ordinary people who want to explore Chemistry. MollyCule has many simple, fun and easy to use features that make it perfect for teenage scientists and students.
MollyCule has many simple, fun and easy to use features that make it perfect for teenage scientists and students.

Traditionally, chemistry visualisation packages have used keyboards or complicated mouse-gesture systems to allow you to view molecules from different angles and positions. That's not fun!

In MollyCule, you simply point, click, and go!

MollyCule does all the hard work of figuring how to look at molecules, and flies you around the molecule with animation.

MollyCule can produce animations automatically in real-time, that are very suitable for using alongside a powerpoint presentation or as a backdrop to a class or simply for fun at home. You can also use MollyCule as a screensaver, with the built in 'Drifter' mode.

MollyCule is completely free for download. Both the program and the source code are contained within the download packages on this site.

MollyCule uses Java and Java3D technologies. These are built into Macos X, but in Linux and Windows, you'll need to download the free software to install both Java and Java3D before you can use MollyCule.

MollyCule is easy to program and extend, too. The code is freely available to make it easy for you to add new Plugin features without having to change the main program.

Almost every aspect of MollyCule can be changed using Plugins - even the user interface could be completely replaced with your own design.

How to Install:
Step 1: You MUST first install Java if it is not already installed, and secondly, you must install Java3D. These are two different downloads, and two seperate installations.
Step 2: Download and right-click on it to extract the zip to your desktop. Please do not try to run MollyCule from 'inside the zip file' without extracting it. Be aware that 'double-clicking' the zip file will not extract the files; you must extract them with a right mouse click.
Step 3: Double click the MollyCule.jar file to run the program. If you encounter any problems, please report them to me immediately.

* Java
* Java 3D

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this graphing software.

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