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  • Date: Jul 04, 2010
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Model Builder for Excel Download
Free Download Model Builder for Excel 3.1.1

Build, Audit and Manage small or big spreadsheets models easier and faster. With Model Builder for Excel, Develop, analyze, audit and maintain any model easily!! You can also visualize spreadsheet maps, manage internal or external links, manage names, track references, analyze trend charts, and more.

Moreover, Model Builder for Excel will help you organize and document your models and favorite routines or templates.

Model Builder for Excel has been developed for modeling professionals with years of experience helping people make decisions, from simple problems to multimillion projects with two ideas in mind: working faster and more reliably, i.e. making trustworthy decisions in time.

Model Builder for Excel has the most comprehensive set of tools to develop, analyze, audit and maintain models. There is no other tool with such wide range of utilities available in the market. You may need to spend 4 or 5 times as much in multiple products, and even so you wouldn't have all the tools or the support as with Model Builder for Excel.

Model Builder for Excel Features:
1. Advanced Tools
2. Model Chart Analysis
3. Multi Sheet Database Consolidator
4. Complex Formula's Consolidation
5. Formula's Error
6. Consolidator
7. Detailed Consolidation
8. Conditional Text
9. Consolidate ranges
10. Models Panel
11. Spreadsheet Goal Seeker
12. Breakeven
13. Multi-sheets Consolidator
14. Multiple Conditional Analysis & Formatting
15. Cells Math by Logical Criteria
16. Cell's Math by Format

1. Links Manager (internal & external)
2. Formulas Translator
3. Test & Highlights
4. Compare ranges
5. Names Manager
6. Auditor Spreadsheet Map
7. Auditor Trouble Test

Reference Analyzer
1. Cell's Reference Tracker
2. Error's Tracker
3. Trace Multiple Precedents
4. Trace Multiple Dependents
5. Erase Auditing Arrows
6. Circular Reference Tracker
7. In block Formula's Analyzer
8. Remove Multiple Precedents
9. Remove Multiple Dependents

Formula Tools
1. Swap Ranges
2. Copy Range as Link
3. Swap % to Number
4. Formulas to Values
5. Quick References
6. Advanced Transposer
7. Flip Cells
8. Change to Text | Number
9. Quick Matematics

1. Multiple IF
2. Formula's Error Message
3. Intersect Cell's Values
4. Concatenate Cells
5. Waited Average
6. Conditional Sum & Count
7. Get cell's Value

Quick Edition Tools
1. Add any Mathematycal Operation
2. Exact Formula Copier
3. Copy Formula Downward
4. Paste Formulas
5. Change Sign
6. Copy Formula to the Right
7. Copy Formula in Selection

Model Navigation
1. Sheets Manager
2. Favorites Manager
3. To Do List
4. Password Manager
5. Workbooks Manager
6. Cells Value Watcher
7. Model Version Manager

1. Add / remove text
2. Custom cells alignment
3. Toggle Settings
4. Guides
5. By text Easy Search
6. By Logic Criteria
7. Quick Fill
8. Add / text as number format
9. Superscript / Underscript
10. Freeze | Divide Panes
11. Arrange Windows
12. By format Easy Search
13. Select by Format

Other Useful Functions
1. Take Images
2. Set Alarm
3. Copy Color from Another Book
4. Add to Recents File's List
5. Fast Close
6. Easy Print
7. Arithmetical Calculator
8. Change Color Palette
9. Erase History of Files

* Microsoft Excel

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $119.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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