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Free Download Mobile Web Server Plus

Mobile Web Server is the light tool to automatically create publicly (and locally) available internet site within several minutes from regular files stored in a folder (or a folder hierarchy) directly located on your portable USB device or on PocketPC, SmartPhone, Communicator.

Mobile Web Server automatically generates the site, the navigation menu and provides you with permanent/symbolic the server can be accessed via. The server does not require any special configuration. The only operation you should perform is to create a folder and put the files, which you would like the site will be created from, in the folder. So, the entire site creation is reduced to simple file copy operations.

Your personal Mobile Web Server allows worldwide Web access to pictures, music and other files stored on USB flash, iPod, PocketPC, Smartphone or in a directory of your hard disk. Automatically on-the-fly creates web sites from separate files with auto-generated site navigation menus and picture thumbnails, supports web templates. Allows the site visitors to determine the server position on the map via GPS.

Mobile Web Server Plus Features:
1. Free versions available;
2. Single file copy operations required for sharing files via Web only;
3. Automatic worldwide access the Server placed even behind a firewall;
4. Worldwide server location via embedded/connected GPS receiver;
5. Permanent symbolic publicly available name for the Server access;
6. Automatic site-from-files(folders) generation;
7. Automatic site-navigation menu generation;
8. Automatic thumbnails from images generation;
9. Customizable site generation templates;
10. Web pages from plain text files generation;
11. Sharing files from any directory;
12. File shortcut support;
13. No special configuration required;
14. No special programs required for the access;
15. Compatibility with any type of Web Browser;
16. Any types of files acceptable (from plain text to multimedia and presentation);
17. Any data structures compatible (from a single file to complex web site);
18. Automatic gallery generation for pictures;
19. Detailed instant access/activity log;

How to use:
1. Enable - switches the Web Server on and off;
2. Port - allows you to switch Server's "listening" port to a different value. Usually you should have no reasons to change the value till then another "listening" program uses the same value;
3. LAN auto-discovery (uPnP discovery) - allows to switch on/off ability to find your server in the Local network regardless of the machine the server is running. See Finding the Server;
4. Worldwide access - provides the Server with worldwide access via an external uPnP compatible firewall/router/internet connection box, if available (to switch public availability of your server on/off automatically), or via special Free Access Service. See Finding the Server;
5. Remote availability - includes link the Server is accessible via. The link depends on how the server is accessible. Local link "works" only in your Local network, Worldwide "works" from any point. Click the link to open web browser navigated to your server. Inform you network partners of the link. See Finding the Server;
6. Permanent/Symbolic Name (optional) - a feature allows you to set permanent/symbolic link, which will never be changed despite the machine (mobile device) the server is running on. The name is provided by a third party online service. You have to be registered with the service by pressing "Register" button. Fill User/Password fields with the credentials of the registration, choose a name and the domain Mobile Web Server to be called with and press "Save". Your permanent/symbolic link (and related information) will be shown in "Remote Availability" field;
7. Save - applies the changes;
8. Close - closes the dialog keeps the Server up and running;

Settings (Plus version only)
1. Disable activity log - disables access history appearance ( the balloon with web page names and internet addresses the pages are accessed from). MWS.log - the server access log file is automatically created in the installation directory (desktop versions only). The Path/Size log file parameters can be adjusted via direct editing of the configuration file (MWS.cfg). The server have to be restarted to reflect the changes;
2. Show files from - allows to change where the Server's "root" is. The feature allows you to start content sharing from existing non-empty directory ("My Pictures", for instance);

Secure Pages
1. Hiding Pages
Mobile Web Server includes many predefined pages mostly as samples, but some of the pages are already real and practical. As Mobile Web Server is the server and provides with information all the visitors, site owners may want to hide some information from worldwide availability.

2. Password protection (Plus version only)
Mobile Web Server offers password protection to provide selected information to trusted visitors only. A directory at any level (but at each directory level separately) can be protected by passwords.

1. FindMe
If your desktop computer, laptop or Windows Mobile device running MobileWebServer has embedded or external GPS receiver connected, any your mobile site visitor can determine the server location on the map. So, the answer to the popular question "Where are you" is simple - visit FindMe page of my site and watch me over the internet.

2. How it works
MobileWebServer finds GPS hardware automatically starting from the first attempt of the access to serverRoot/FindMe/index.html

3. TraceMe
The pages behave as FindMe but store your movement history. Mobile Web Server stores you last several significant movements and shows when/where you were on the map.

4. NearMe
Using your GPS coordinates and the coordinates of other Mobile Web Server users with the pages allowed, you can find the servers near (about 1 mile) you, visit the sites, read/post to the site's blogs and communicate with the neighbors via the web.

5. How to hide my GEO position
To hide your GEO position from the site visitors you have to simply delete the index.html file and (optionally) FindMe/TraceMe/NearMe directories.

Remote Screenshot
Mobile Web Server allows you to show current screenshot to any of your visitors. Probably the best way to secure you screenshot is using a password. ScreenShot demo page shows you a sample.

Blog in the Pocket
Mobile Web Server allows creating a simple Blog running directly on your portable or mobile device. "Blog" directory shows you the sample. You can create any number of Blogs. To add new Blog just create a .txt (regular plain text) file in "Blog" directory.

Remote Control
Mobile Web Server allows you to control Windows Media Player or Windows Media Centre remotely. "RemoteControl" pages show you how. If you are running the player on a distant machine with Mobile Web Server installed/running, you can control the player remotely by visiting the server via the web.

* Limited features

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.69, you can free download and get a free trial.

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