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  • Date: Oct 28, 2010
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MoBookPacker Download
Free Download MoBookPacker 3.0

MoBookPacker make your books viewable on mobile devices supporting J2ME MIDP 1.0. It packs your plain txt file with MoBook MIDlet which can be uploaded to mobile device as any other mobile java application.

MoBookPacker Features:
1. Reads any size of text file (which can fit in MIDlet size your phone supports).
2. Simple and fast usage. Most functions accessible through one key click.
3. Instructions icluded in MIDlet, viewable on mobile device (first function key or key '1').
4. Moving one line or one page a time, back or forward (keys: '2' line up, '8' line down, '4' page up, '6' page down). Caches last 4k bytes to achieve fast backward movement.
5. Three font sizes, changeable at any time by one key press (key '#').
6. Inversing foreground and background colors, clock and cover image display (key '9').
7. Turning background light on and off on Nokia phones (key '*').
8. Autoscrolling function, configurable speed and number of text lines (key '3' displays osd settings, keys '2' and '8' change settings, key '5' starts/stops scrolling).
9. Text search function. Searches string from current position to end of book (key '7').
10. Goto function. Jumps to any byte in your book (key '0').
11. Configurable moving forward in book, from one line to whole page (key '5', autoscroll time off).
12. Screen saver turnes on if application is not used for 1 - 2 minutes.

USAGE OF MoBookPacker(Win):
1. (Optional) Set name which will be used for packed MIDlet (if empty, text file name will be used).
2. Choose target dir where to put jad and jar files.
3. Choose plain txt file which will be displayed in MIDlet.
4. (Optional) Choose book cover image (png format!).
5. (Optional) Enter book encoding (UTF-8,..). Text file which is packed have to be saved in entered encoding and mobile device have to support same encoding. If mobile device doesn't support this encoding it will read text file using it's default encoding.
6. Press 'create MIDlet' button to create jad and jar files in target dir.
7. (Optional) If you selected "Split jar/jad files" checkbox and windows with text are shown, set text cursor to positions where you want to split files.

* Java

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file converter software.

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