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  • Date: Aug 09, 2008
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MixVibes Pro is based on the DVS technology (Digital Vinyl Software). It allows you to spin your digital media files (mp3, wave, aiff, ogg vorbis, wma, Audio CD s) from your PC with CD or vinyl decks. All you need is a PC and an audio interface (USB, FireWire, PCI compatible). MixVibes Pro will emulate a digital DJ booth in a totally safe and stable environment ensuring a professional DJ performance.
The DVS (Digital Vinyl System) Technology is based on the use of time-coded vinyl and CD, allowing media control through turntables and CD players.
Perfect and easy beat matching of your music files: mp3, ogg, wav, flac. Video mixing & Vjing.
Integrated 16 patterns sampler--resampling, looping, seamless loops function. Sound processing and effects: flanger, delay, filters, echo, pan. Compatibility with VST or Direct X effects. .
Here are some key features of 'MixVibes Pro':
* DVS technology up to 4 turntables and/or CD players to control your media files, for example, with an 8in / 8out sound card you can use 4 external devices at the same time! (ie: 2 vinyl turntables and 2 cd players). Useful for battle scratch DJs!
* Real Scratch control (by vinyl, cd, mouse...)
* Video Scratching up to 3 monitors at the same time
* MixVibes sixth generation professional audio engine
* Incredible high sound quality (genine vinyl sound)
* Extreme low latency time (up to 1ms en ASIO)
* Modern sound cards management (Multi channel sound cards, ASIO, FireWire)
* Master Tempo (+-100%!) / Pitch shifting (+- 24%!) / Speed (+-100%)
* Up to 16 virtual players
* Sampler and sequencer integrated managing up to 32 samples that you can play when you want
* Real Time effects: 6 real time effects per channel like flanger, reverb, bypass, DirectX and VST plugins...
* Scripts / macros supported (sequenced effects is a real revolution that allows you to continuously create new beats, and with more effects)
* Auto BPM counting, auto Beat Matching, automix playlists
* Resizable Wave form display
* Seamless loops
* Skins
* Cue (10/titles), auto cue, on-fly cueing
* Per player: EQ 3 bands, Kills 54dB, Gain, monitor
* EQ 10 bands
* Compressor, limiter

MixVibes Pro Other Features:
* Mix the video files
Access to your favourite video files and include them in sync in your mix. Video clips format such as divx, .avi, .vob, .mov, .mpeg 1 or 2 are compatible. If your computer is powered enough (check the recommended specs) and you have the codec installed on your machine, specific and professional video formats such as H.264, mp4 and HD files can be supported. Along with the video, a special rack includes various video effects and transitions. The mixed video output can be sent to a secondary screen monitor or projector. 16 players are available to mix a number of video files.
* 4 decks control
If you are a lucky owner of a multiple In/Out soundcard (4IN/4OUT for example), 4 decks can be controlled with 4 players at the same time.
* Smart sampler
The included 16 pattern sampler is enhanced for this PRODUCER version. It is in direct wire with your players and acts interactively with it. Up-beat / down beat, beat grinding, beat slicing, preset beat repeating are the amazing features of PRODUCER sampler. An all-in-one solution for DJ to remix live their tracks. Check the tutorial video for more details and our community for Djs experience on PRODUCER sampler. We recommend an external MIDI sampler (ex: KORG Pad kontrol) for a quicker access to the samples data.
* Beat box live
The Microphone input is now connected to your MixVibes players. Plug a MIC in your professional soundcard for beat box, MC's performances or announcements. The instant MIC recording saves the file in a specific folder. Once recorded, the file can be dragged and dropped into the player, for instance scratch live!
* VST instrument and effect
The Steinberg VST plug-in and free VST effects are hosted in MixVibes PRODUCER. MIDI keyboard should be connected to your computer to play the instruments. We recommend official VST instrument purchased in retail. For live performers, the melodies played through VST instruments can be recorded as a media file. Then, drag and drop the file in your player and mix it live with your turntables.
* MIDI learning
As every controller has its own configuration, the PRODUCER is now including a very intuitive MIDI learning. It is really easy to map your favourite controller and control the DJ software. The version 7 includes pre mapped MIDI files for VCI-100, Hercules DJ Console RMX and MK2, Pioneer CDJ-400, M-Audio X-session and more
* 14 FX and 7 VST included
Bring more creativity in your mix thanks to the FX included. Flanging, Phasing, Reverb, Echo are some of the 14 FX included. These FX can be adjusted in the HOME player or directly from your MIDI controller. Up to 6 FX can be affected at the same time.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $159, you can free download and get a free trial.

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