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  • Version: 2.1.4
  • Publisher: midisoft.pl
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  • Date: Jun 26, 2016
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Free Download MidiWorks PA 2.1.4

MidiWorks PA is an advanced midi file editor designed for mastering and revoicing, dedicated to the Yamaha (2010) and Korg (PA) instruments. The software MidiWorks is used for processing midi files and karaoke (*.mid, *.kar). MidiWorks 2010 is intended to the work with Yamaha company instruments, to the work with Korg company instruments intended is MidiWorksPA. MidiWorks has several features and tools to midi file processing according to your preferences. Well suited for mastering, transposition, and change GM voice to XG, GM2 and panel voice YAMAHA (Sweet!, Cool!, Live!, MegaVoice!, Super Articulation!), KORG (RX, DNC) and voice editing (Attack, Decay, Release, Vibrato, CoutOff, Resonanse). With the help of MidiWorks amazingly quickly and in the simple way you will add the text to your midi file, but also you can print, correct, change and you will export to text file (*.txt).
When working with MidiWorks, limitation is your music imagination, and the result is song the following exactly according to your taste of music.

MidiWorks PA Features:
1. Dedicated software, fully compatible with your instrument.
2. Advanced and simple to use karaoke editor that lets add, delete, edit, sync and print text from midi file. The editor has a function to divide into syllables the texts in English and Polish language.
3. Standardization of XG (in MidiWorks 2010) - function automatically optimizes the midi file for XG standard, adjusting it for proper playback on Yamahas electronic instruments.
4. Standardization of GM2 (in MidiWorks PA) - function automatically optimizes the midi file for GM2 standard, adjusting it for proper playback on Korgs electronic instruments.
5. Clear, readable interface that makes working with the program is very intuitive, and features implemented in it relieve you from the knowledge of the midi protocol.
6. Captured the most important functions, so as transposition, modify velocity, change the channel numbers, change tempo, system exclusive edit and well as full edition other parameters.
7. Very easy to use mixing console that allows basic editing controllers (Volume, Balance, Reverb, Chorus, Variation) and change voices on channels (XG, GM2).
8. Drum Splitter - innovative, comfortable in the use tool being used for moving chosen percussion instruments (e.g. snare drums) for the separate midi channel.
9. Editing velocity of notes, and imaging layers of the sound (np: MegaVoice) which is informing how made sound is changing in relation to power into press key.
10. Unique and unprecedented in other programs function "GateTime Correction", which the application of reduces the likelihood of "choking " the due to lack of polyphony.
11. Moving, copying, removing, linking paths influences to Multi Part and Insert Part Number messages, it completely is releasing you from new manual configuring.

* Save file is unavailable.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $57.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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