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  • Date: Feb 16, 2010
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MidiSwing Download
Free Download MidiSwing 0.3.5 Beta

MidiSwing is a little application to create music. It can read and edit midi files

MidiSwing is a "midi sequencer" displaying the content of midi files as a piano roll which you can edit. You can edit any existing midi file, or compose your own music from scratch. MidiSwing has been written in Java and is supposed to run on any Java 2 platform (Linux, Windows, Mac...). MidiSwing has been specially developed with the Mac OS X user in mind.

MidiSwing can communicate with external midi devices such as keyboards or sound modules. You can record notes you play on a keyboard, as well as the hold pedal pressure and the pitch-bend wheel
MidiSwing can play any midi file, using a Java Soundbank (included in the application) or any SF2 or DLS sound font (only with the Mac OS X version). You can also play the music on an external sound module.
You can choose the instrument for each midi channel among the 128 General Midi Instruments, or even more with sound fonts.
You can compose a melody for each track by clicking on the keys of a keyboard. In turn, the keys light up when you play or scrub through a midi file, or when you play on an external keyboard. Very convenient if you want to learn how to play a tune from a midi file!
You can adjust different parameters such as tempo, volume, stereo (pan position), reverberation, and pitch bend.
You can see the list of midi events contained in your midi file. MidiSwing cannot let you modify them in this list yet.
It is also possible to play videos as the music plays (only on Mac OS X for files readable by QuickTime). This can help you to compose music for a film sequence. (Experimental)

Keyboard shortcuts:
- SPACE : play / stop
- Command (Apple) : lets you switch between the arrow (modify) and pen (insert) tool
- Left-Right-Up-Down arrows : moves the notes
- Command-Left-Right arrows : lets you go from one MIDI channel to another (for SMF0 files) or from one MIDI track to another (for SMF1 files)
- Command-Up-Down arrow : lets you go from one controller to another
- SHIFT : Adds to selection
- ALT : Removes from selection (with the arrow tool)
- ALT : Duplicates the selection (with the pen tool)
- ALT : Stretches the selected notes when the selection area is stretched
- ALT : Maintains tempo (with the tempo slider)
- H : Hides/unhides other tracks
- T : Selects next tool

Notes :
- To remove a time signature, click on it with the arrow tool and drag the cursor above the line separating the two panes.
- Double-click on a note lets you edit the lyric associated to that note
- Video and the midi tune are correctly synchronized only if they are played from the beginning.

* Java Runtime

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this music composer software.

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