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  • Date: Jun 19, 2010
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Microsoft Office Version Detector can detect the presence, and version of the popular Microsoft Office applications.

Why would you want to do this? Perhaps you have an Excel-automation feature in your application that you want to Enable/Disable? Maybe your application uses a visual style that is similar to one of the Microsoft Office applications, and you want to change your interface to match the particular version of Office that the user has installed.

The following Microsoft Office applications are detected:
* Word
* Excel
* Outlook
* Access
* PowerPoint

The following versions of Microsoft Office are detected:
* Office 95
* Office 97
* Office 2000
* Office XP
* Office 2003
* Office 2007

Multiple versions?
If there are multiple versions of an application installed, the version that is detected is the one that is "registered" (i.e. the version of the application that will open your file when you double-click the file).

Algorithm note
Since "Office" is a collection of applications, and not a single application itself, the algorithm for determining the presence and version of "Office" is to look through the set of Office applications, and use the first one found. The search is performed in order of the (approximate) popularity of the application (i.e. Word then Excel then Outlook then Access then PowerPoint).

* Microsoft Office

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this office suite software.

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