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Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 helps to create your own marketing materials (business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, newsletters, as well as HTML mail, and web pages) from concept to their departure. New enhancements guides accompany the process for creating marketing materials, managing customer lists and track marketing campaigns.

Microsoft Publisher is the desktop publishing program that comes with the Microsoft Office suite. If you are familiar with MS Word, you may use the word processing program to create publications such as newsletters or flyers. However, with its familiar toolbar (very much like the one in Word) and advanced graphic options, Publisher is far superior to Word when it comes to creating and printing eye-catching publications. These steps will help you feel more confident and comfortable using this application.

Publisher 2007 includes the following innovations:
1. Export proposed publications to PDF or XPS.
2. Library containing hundreds of customizable design templates of marketing materials, includes a tool for finding other patterns on the website (Office Online).
3. Repository contents frequently used text, graphics and design elements.
4. Tasks Functions to help with loading images, creating a mail merge or re-usable content
5. Checker design eliminates errors (spelling, image resolution, the use of color, etc.) before sending the draft to a professional printer or before publication to a Web server.
6. Working with RGB colors, and convert Pantone colors to CMYK and CMYK PostScript for color fidelity when printing.
7. Integration with Business Contact Manager helps you monitor your marketing materials sent and received responses from customers.

How to Use:
Step 1:
Start Microsoft Publisher. You can double click the Publisher icon on your desktop, if you have one. If not, click the "Start" button. Point to "Programs" or "All Programs." Double click "Microsoft Publisher" (it may be in the "Microsoft Office" folder). Publisher will open to the "Getting Started" screen.

Step 2:
Expand "Publications for Print" from the task pane on the left if you are using Publisher 2003. If you have Publisher 2007, make sure "Getting Started" is selected in the task pane. In the lower section of the task pane, you will see a list of publication types from which to choose.

Step 3:
Select a publication type from the list by clicking it once with the mouse. Select a subcategory from the list to see a gallery of styles for this type of publication. For this example, we have selected "Invitation Cards" from the publication types list, and "Birthday Party" as a subcategory. Select a design that you like and double click it. A new Publisher page with this design will open.

Step 4:
Make changes to the design's style and format using the task pane on the left. Click "Color Schemes" if you want to select a different group of colors for the publication. Click "Page Options" if you want to alter the size of the publication, or how it is folded if it is a card or similar Publisher design. The "Font Schemes" option will let you choose an alternate set of fonts.

Step 5:
Change graphics in the design by clicking on the picture to select it. Right click and point to "Change Picture." Choose "Clip Art," or a picture from file. Find the graphic you want and insert it.

Step 6:
Type text directly into the text boxes provided, typing over or deleting any sample text. Work on different pages of the publication using the page buttons at the bottom of the window. Save your publication and print when ready.

Create high-quality publications that reflect your brand identity
Office Publisher 2007 includes new and improved tools that help you efficiently create, customize, and reuse a wide variety of marketing communications materials that are tailored to your company's specific needs.
1. Get started quickly by choosing from a library of hundreds of customizable design templates or blank publications, including newsletters, brochures, flyers, postcards, Web sites, e-mail formats, and more.
2. Create a business identity for all your business and personal needs that includes your company name, contact information, and logo.
3. Get dynamic previews of Office Publisher 2007 templates with your brand elements applied - including your colors, fonts, logo, and business information - before choosing a template.
4. Use the new Search tool to quickly locate and preview high-quality Office Publisher 2007 templates from Microsoft Office Online right within the Publisher Catalog.
5. Categorize, preview, open, and save your templates efficiently within My Templates for fast retrieval.
6. Save time and effort by storing frequently used text, design elements, and graphics in the new Content Store to use in other publications.
7. Reuse content for other publication types and distribution methods. For example, easily place content from a multipage newsletter into an e-mail template or Web layout for online distribution.
8. Choose from more than 70 designer-created color schemes, or create one of your own. If you're using Pantone colors, choose them within Office Publisher 2007.
9. Use Publisher Tasks to get help with common Office Publisher 2007 procedures, such as inserting images, creating a mail merge, or reusing content.
10. Use the enhanced Catalog Merge to produce frequently updated materials such as datasheets, catalogs, or price lists by merging text and images from a database.
11. Customize your publications using a collection of intuitive design, layout, typography, and graphics tools.
12. Run the enhanced Design Checker to identify and fix common design errors in commercial print, Web, and e-mail publications prior to distributing or printing.

Personalize your publications and marketing materials
Office Publisher 2007 includes new E-mail Merge capabilities, enhanced Mail Merge, and Catalog Merge, making it easier than ever to send personalized e-mail and print marketing communication materials. Create custom publications and fine-tune them using intuitive design tools and your own creativity for truly unique materials.
1. Combine and edit mailing lists within Publisher from multiple sources, including Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Office Access, and more. Use the list to create personalized e-mail and print communications or mailing labels, or to build custom collateral such as catalogs and flyers.
2. Use new E-mail Merge and e-mail templates to create personalized e-mail marketing communications.
3. Personalize your print publications with enhanced Mail Merge.
4. Use Personalized Hyperlinks to personalize the display text and destination of a hyperlink within an E-mail Merge.
5. Improved integration with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager (available in Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 and Microsoft Office Professional 2007) enables you to initiate and track the distribution of marketing materials created in Publisher.

Share, print, and publish with ease
Office Publisher 2007 provides new and improved ways for you to share, print, and publish your materials with ease.
1. Save Office Publisher 2007 files in a fixed file format, such as Portable Document Format (PDF) or XML Paper Specification (XPS), for easy sharing. PDF settings within Office Publisher 2007 include options for online viewing, desktop printing, and commercial printing.
2. Take advantage of full commercial printing support for large quantities and high-quality printing. Office Publisher 2007 includes four-color process printing, spot color printing, cyan-magenta-yellow-black (CMYK) composite postscript, and more. Use the improved Pack and Go Wizard to prepare your Office Publisher 2007 files, including a press-ready PDF file, for a commercial printer.
3. Send e-mail publications that appear as you intended. Improvements in e-mail distribution and viewing, including support for sending multipage publications as a single-page message, make it easier than ever to create and send publications as e-mail messages.
4. Convert publications for viewing on the Web, and easily add navigation, update, edit, and post.
5. Identify and correct unintended desktop, commercial print, Web, and e-mail problems using the improved Design Checker.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $169.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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