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Microsoft OneNote is a very simple and straightforward application. It will remind you of a WordProcessor, except it doesn't have all of the formatting features a WordProcessor provides. The function of OneNote is to capture and organize information - not to make it look its best.

Other than organizing your notes, the most powerful feature is search. When you type text into the search box, OneNote instantly searches an index of all of your notes and highlights the pages and result instances. This is great for typing in little nuggets of information like names to recall their context.

During in-person meetings, paper is king for notes. Using a laptop/tablet for note taking tends to be distracting to other participants. I have discovered that taking notes on a legal pad, and then scanning them into OneNote works for me. The OCR features don't work on scanned notes, but at least they stay in your virtual "notebook."

One other handy feature of OneNote is its built in screen clipping capability. A hotkey will activate the clipping feature where you can then draw a square on any portion of your screen. The image is then either added to a new "note" or simply put into your Windows clipboard for later pasting into an application.

Information overload has met its match with Office OneNote 2007. Now its easy to grab, gather, and organize text, pictures, digital handwriting, and notesall in one spot thats easy to access and simple to share. Stop searching for information across e-mail messages, paper notebooks, file folders, and printouts. And instead become as productive as you canwith all your information in sight and in reach.

In Microsoft's words, OneNote includes all of the standard typing and formatting features that you would expect from Word, plus tabs for sections and pages that make it easy to work with multiple documents--called notes--at once. You can click and type or draw with the mouse anywhere on a page, just as you would with paper, and once you have written something, it is saved automatically. You can mark notes that are important to review or require follow-up, and OneNote will summarize them across all your notes. You can easily search through all your notes, and you can e-mail notes directly from within OneNote. And if you have a Tablet PC, you can handwrite notes in OneNote, of course.

OneNote works with four basic types of notes: typing, handwriting, drawings, and audio. "And it ties them all together," Pratley told me. "If your notes are on paper, it's no good because you can't find them later. Electronically, at least the notes are there in the computer, but you still can't find them. OneNote gives you an easy way to search notes, and actually use them as a resource, or personal database, where you can refer back later."

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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