Microsoft IntelliType Pro (64-bit)

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  • Version: 8.2
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  • Date: Aug 09, 2011
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    Mouse & Keyboard
    Windows Utilities
Microsoft IntelliType Pro (64-bit) Download
Free Download Microsoft IntelliType Pro (64-bit) 8.2

Microsoft IntelliType Pro Keyboard Software for Windows - 64 bit

To connect the mouse or keyboard, ensure that:
1. The mouse or keyboard is paired with the transceiver that it came with. The mouse and keyboard are paired with the transceiver at the factory, and will not work properly with other transceivers.
2. The mouse or keyboard is not in sleep mode. Move your mouse or press a key on your keyboard to ensure that the devices are ready for a signal. After a certain amount of time of non-use (depending on the product and your settings), the mouse and keyboard go into sleep mode.
3. The mouse or keyboard is turned on. There is a recessed switch on the bottom that must be turned on. On is toward .
4. The mouse or keyboard is charged. If your device is rechargeable, ensure that it has been properly charged. If the battery light on the mouse or keyboard flashes red, you need to charge the device.
5. If your device is not rechargeable, ensure that the batteries are good, and that they are inserted properly. You can check your batteries by turning the device off and then on again. The battery indicator light will shine a steady green for a few seconds if the batteries are good.
6. You are using the correct batteries. If your mouse or keyboard is rechargeable, you must use AA NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) batteries. Do not insert regular alkaline batteries in a rechargeable mouse or keyboard; they cannot be recharged.
7. If you are using a non-rechargeable keyboard, use AA alkaline batteries.
8. You pressed the Bluetooth button until the light started blinking red and green. The Bluetooth button is the small button on the bottom of the mouse or keyboard with the Bluetooth icon next to it. Using a pen or other pointed object, you must press and hold this button until the light starts blinking red and green.

Why would I not want to connect the mouse or keyboard?
The mouse or keyboard (or both) that came with your Microsoft transceiver were paired at the factory to that transceiver and are designed to work with it effortlessly. Therefore, it is recommended that you connect these devices to the Microsoft transceiver.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this mouse & keyboard software.

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