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  • Date: Jul 19, 2013
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    Social Networking Software
MetroTwit Download
Free Download MetroTwit

MetroTwit is a powerful Twitter client, will enable you to tweet messages from your desktop.
MetroTwit celebrates an elegant and clean user interface thats beautiful to look at and a pleasure to read. It looks simple because it is simple. MetroTwit is proudly just a Twitter client and brings out the best Twitter has to offer with simple yet intuitive features.
MetroTwit Features:
1. Get the whole story:
Follow the tweet breadcrumbs to read the entire Twitter conversation back-and-forth without missing a beat.

2. Stay in the know:
Not sure what those ambiguous hashtags mean? Be in the know of all the fun trends on Twitter with convenient access to What The Trend.

3. Infinite scrolling:
If you ever want to read more tweets, just scroll down and more will appear almost instantly. Be careful though, its addictive and you could be scrolling for hours.

4. URL shortening and previews:
Take control of links with an intuitive URL shortener that automatically saves you space and time tweeting. At the same time, worry less about where obscure links might take you by simply hovering over it.

5. Autocomplete for usernames & hashtags:
The people and topics you care about, at your fingertips. Simply start typing any part of a username or hashtag and well find them for you.

6. Windows 7 taskbar integration:
You dont have to switch away from what youre doing to keep tabs on new tweets. A counter in the taskbar will tell you exactly how many unread messages there are.

7. Themes and accents:
Choose between dark text on light background and vice versa plus a selection of color accents to personalize the design. Better yet, match the application with your Aero Glass color for a more consistent look.

8. Quick-glance notifications:
Read excerpts from new tweet updates as they cycle through in the notifications. If you run out of time, hover over the notifications to stop the countdown to read even more.

9. Resizable and reorderable columns:
Not all columns must be created equal. You have the choice and flexibility to control exactly how your columns should look.

10. Flawless high DPI support:
The vector-based user interface powered by Windows Presentation Foundation works and looks even better in high DPI.

* NET Framework
* Twitter account
* Internet Connection

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this social networking software.

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